Wednesday, March 21, 2012

World Changers

My very dear friend Kara is traveling this summer with Global Expeditions to Peru. It is SUCH a blessing to have her traveling at the same time and to go through the fundraising process together! She is a great friend and she seeks to follow Jesus with her life!

When I found out she was going, I was SUPER excited and thrilled at the prospect of coming home and sharing out adventures with each other! While God has called her to a different place than He as me, He is going to do wonderful things through us both and through our whole teams!

I also know that I will have a LOT of friends at home this summer, sharing the Gospel. Many of them will be at camp spreading the Good News to campers and pouring their hearts into other staffers. How did I get to be so blessed to have such a huge amount of friends who know what it means to follow Jesus?

We aren't world changers because we're perfect or heroes. We are world changers because Christ has put the Hope in us and redeemed us so that we can change the world through Him.