Monday, October 22, 2012

Hopelessness Displayed (Day Twelve)

     June 22nd, 2012     Kathmandu, Nepal
     I miss sleeping in, comfy beds and cuddly brothers. I miss hamburgers and french fries, soda and ICE! I miss A/C, koolaide and Popsicles. I miss camp and staff friends and girl parties. I miss Western toilets and being able to flush toilet paper. But above all, I miss my family. I miss their jokes and love and laughter. But I am here for an important reason- to show others love like the love I have for my family. I want other things more than I want my family. I want righteousness, holiness, sanctification. Obedience to God and rewards from my Heavenly daddy. So when I am missing home, I let myself be sad for a short while, let my heart ache with love for them and then ask God for that kind of love for others.
     At our first site, we jumped right into our ministry program, but in the middle of one of the girls testimonies, we heard the banging of drums. When we looked up the street, there was a parade. But not one that is good. It was a parade for their false gods. They would walk by, every single person in the procession, and sprinkle flowers and incense over every single idol or symbol they passed. We had to stop our program to let them by. While they went we prayed. The bondage is so devastating. They carried an idol, with an old woman sitting inside (the oldest woman in their colony). The bondage is so great, they need freedom so badly and that was just another reminder. We finished our program and then went to talk with people, and one man actually got saved! He accepted Christ and, before we could even give him more information, he asked where he could meet other Christians. We quickly got him all the info and prayed with him and then gave him a Bible. We talked to him about what following Christ meant and then Andy challenged him to share it with his friends.
     We then ate lunch and hiked down a huge slope, went over a HUGE bridge, which I was nervous about. I am not a fan of heights and that was way out of my comfort zone. They boys behind me kept rocking the bridge and I had to ask them to stop because it was hard for me. We made it to a leper colony. So many of them were missing fingers and toes or hands and feet, but we got to share the love of Christ with them all. a man came up and started talking to me in English, but I think he wanted something other than Jesus, if you know what I mean. Our 'codeword' for if a man is making a girl uncomfortable in a situation is to go up to one of the guys and say, "I really need a drink of water." I didn't have to say it, but Andy came to my rescue and spoke with the man while I moved to sit by Abby.
     Another man came and tried to communicate with us, but we had no translator so we just watched him 'mime' the death of Christ, and indicate we are going to Heaven to be with God. We just grinned and nodded and said yes a lot. Sonny, our Nepali photographer came over and translated for us. The man shared the Gospel with US when we were there to share it with him. He was so thankful we came, and it is so exciting to think we will one day be in Heaven together, and will understand each other perfectly.
     We packed up and had to head all the way back, over the bridge and UP the cliff/slope we came down. As we were leaving and anticipating the huge climb, Deepak takes us the other direction and says, "We are going in helicopter." Half of the people on our team said, "Really?" Deepak just grinned, then said, "I'm only joking." But going up that hill was to be avoided if possible, which it was not.
     Over the bridge was easier the second time, and still beautiful. then came the upward climb- it was hard and long and we had to drag Candace with us, but it was worth it. When we got to the top, we all felt exhilarated and empowered. It really was beautiful- but words can not express it. You must be here to understand.
     Our last stop was the rehab center for women who have been trafficked. The name is Peace Rehabilitation Centre- PRC. So many women with horrid pasts were there, two of them shared their testimonies. Their heartbreaking stories of rape and forced prostitution and being sold all over Asia. One girl was pregnant when PRC rescued her. We got to hold her baby, Grace. The girl was so precious. To support their ministry, I bought jewelry they had made. My heart really breaks for all of those girls. When leaving one of the girls, Sonkita, told us that she would miss us so much. Praise the Lord that she loves God. I get to see her again!
     We stayed so long at the center, that it was 8:00pm when we got back. We ate supper and then got in groups to work on children's ministry for church tomorrow. Then we gathered things and went to our rooms.
     I finally got to wash some laundry and now I have a few clean things to wear. It has finally hit me that I am in Nepal and won't be home until august. My heart is breaking because of the distance between me and my family. Lord, help me and give me complete peace!

     Highlights of the day:
     *"When we work ourselves weak, we pray ourselves strong." - Andy, my TL. We must ask God to renew our strength at EVERY location, because we are His witnesses!
     *At our first site, one of the MIGs talked to a woman who asked for food. So they gave her a cliff bar and she started tearing off pieces, throwing it to the ground to sacrifice the first part to her gods. Marissa told her, "No, our God wants you to eat ALL of it!" -Sarah Peter's MIG
     *The bridge- It was beautiful and breathtaking, but terrifying. The bridge shook and you could see rushing water SEVERAL feet below, or fields below. But looking out from the bridge was the most beautiful sight. God loves to treat us to His precious beauty.
     *The precious man who mimed to communicate with us -- 'We actually came all the way here to share that good news to the Nepali people.' Then the man spoke through our translator- "It is night in America. It is day in Nepali. People sleep in America while we work here in Nepal." We laughed at the mans joke and he just grinned.
     *Listening to the testimonies of the girls and holding baby Grace. God loves these women and brings them out of their deepest mire. He heals and loves and provides.
     *Going into Beka's room and finding a giant cricket. Beka said it kept her up ALL night last night and then she wanted to kill it, but the other girls wouldn't let her and they wanted to set it free. Instead, they lost 'Jimmy the cricket'.
     This was such a hard day because I was worn out. I had been going for a whole week without must rest and I was exhausted. I think I even cried because I just wanted to rest, just for a little while! I was at the end of myself and Jesus had to take over from there. I wanted to press on, but the Sabbath is Biblical, resting is from the Lord. No matter how exhausted I was, Jesus was the one carrying me.

Carefully making our way across the bridge!
Our walke down to the leper colony.
Our beloved translators taking their turn across the bridge. (Anoch, on the right, was my MIG's translator.)

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