Monday, October 1, 2012

Broken & Beautiful (Day Eight)

     June 18th, 2012     Kathmandu, Nepal
     Praise the Lord, for His name is great! His power surpasses all and His mercy is renewed every morning! Living with so many people who love the Lord is amazing. The people here on my project love the Lord and seek to honor Him. this summer, Christ will be proclaimed!
     From where I am sitting, I can see the mountains, beyond all of these run down buildings in Kathmandu. God is powerful. That huge mountain I can see- by faith, I can move it through Him. this is why I believe that God can do the impossible through me.
     We went to an area with lots of shopping going on and went out in our MIGs (Ministry groups of 4-6 people) and invited people to come to our drama then we did our drama (without music because it malfunctioned) and then went into the crowd to talk to people. One man was so hungry and seeking - He had questions but he didn't accept truth.
     There was a woman, there with her son, who was so hungry- she wanted the Lord, but we had to leave before we could talk to her. I was heartbroken walking away- but the Lord is faithful and we were able to plant seeds and pray for them.
     Our next ministry site was a school- I loved the kids and wished we could have stayed longer, but they had to get back to school. My prayer for them is that the seeds we were able to plant will grow.
     Our next site was similar to our first. We invited people and asked them to come watch. Afterwards I got to share the Gospel with someone, but the women didn't understand and they said they were Hindu. My heart was breaking again. How can I ever leave these people who so desperately need the Lord but are entangled in serving idols? The women didn't even know what they were missing out on, but they walked away.
     But... someone got saved today! Chris who is in my MIG shared the Gospel and a man said he believed it. Just stood up and said, "I believe it." (Through our translator, Anoch.) It. Was. Amazing. We prayed with him and then he gestured to the woman beside him and said, 'This is my wife!' We suggested he share with her the truth and he nodded, assuring us he would. We gave him a Bible, a tract and got his contact information for the local church to follow up. Hallelujah! This is why I am here!
     Afterwards I played 'Duck, Duck, Goose' with the kids and it was so much fun. I am loving being the hands and feet of Jesus! When I looked over at the man who got saved, while still playing with the kids, he had opened the bible and was reading and sharing with his wife. What a blessing! It hurts to be rejected, but it is Christ who is being rejected, I just need to speak!
     My heart is attaching itself to these people and God is doing something inside of me that I don't quite understand but I want Him to do His beautiful work in me.
     I am inadequate for this work. Praise God that He is coming in and taking over. When I open my mouth to speak in faith, He moves. He changes hearts and people.
     Over supper I had a great talk with Beka- our hearts are crumbling for these people and we want truth heard, so badly. The urgency of this message is bigger than we have ever thought before, and we MUST take this love and message home with us. If we can ask what people who are strangers think of Jesus, we can ask those at home.
     I will live my life in such a way that I WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!

     Highlights of the day:
     *Talking with the pastor of the local church and hearing about christians in their culture- so persecuted and cast out! He and his family had to leave his previous home because of his faith! He said many people come to the Lord through healings- may the Lord grant many healed through His power this summer!
     *The children at the school just giggling in delight of seeing us, each one wanting to touch your hand before you left. I could have stayed with those kids for hours and showed them exactly what love looks like.
     *A beautiful, forgotten woman who wanted love, wanted Jesus. She had no one, but Naomi sought her out and loved her. The woman's responce was thankful, but when we were leaving she came to Naomi and said, 'Don't ever forget me.'

     A lot happened on this beautiful day, our first day of ministry. I was so alive, so eager and ready that it hardly felt like day one of ministry. I know that when I walked away from the woman at the first sight who was so hungry, I was upset and dissapointed. My MIG hadn't really known what to say and we were just unsure of what to do. At our last sight, the women who walked away from me caused my heart to sting, and maybe my pride. I shared the Gospel the exact same way Christ did, and yet the people he spoke to got saved. I had to rest in the fact that God does different things in the hearts of different people. Even though those women walked away, I wont forget them and I won't stop asking God to change their hearts.
     My heart really was broken for those beautiful people.
Dinner! So yummy!

My dear friend as we share dinner conversation.

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