Monday, September 24, 2012

Eyes Open Wide (Day 7)

     June 17th, 2012     Kathmandu, Nepal
     I have been here less than a week (well, with my team) and I feel like I know them all and have been with them for weeks or months! God has brought us together in a way that only He can accomplish. I love my team so much!
     We had to get up early, but I feel so much better after getting rest! We were later for breakfast, but grace abounds and we won't be late again. In the name of Jesus, we won't. Our God is a God of order- and He takes care of us!
     We had drama training and skit practice with the team (Go First Responders!) and got so much accomplished. I feel like we are ready to share the Gospel through our drama.
     Mr MAG made our PB&J for lunch today and enjoyed serving our team. The guys are being great and filling up our water bottles all the time! I really feel like our team is family.
     We went on a prayed walk through part of Kathmandu where a lot of Tibetan refugees are staying. All of the temples here- with ever breath these people serve hundreds of gods that dont exist. My heart is breaking for these people already. They are so trapped and entangled in lies. We sand 'Break Every Chain' on the bus on the way back. The things I saw today are still sinking in, but they are laying on my heart heavily. These people need Jesus- He will rescue and redeem them!
     Dinner was great- the food here is wonderful! I got to talk with girls from the other team over supper and I enjoyed it! I haven't really gotten to talk to them since we got here to Nepal!
     We had session with Candace and spent the evening reading the word, proclaiming TRUTH! Satan may try to stop us, but God conquers with love, mercy and grace! My heart will sing no other name- Jesus! Tomorrow is our first day of ministry and I am thrilled. THIS is the reason why I am here- to proclaim truth and to come with power in the name of Jesus!
     Namaste! (Good day in Nepali.)

     Highlights of the day:
     *Breakfast was delicious! Tibetan bread, hard boiled eggs, and delicious Masala tea! It was almost like chai- but so much better! I love Nepali food! Also, whenever we say 'Namaste' to the Nepali people and grin, they turn from serious to smiling, they laugh and repeat the greeting!
     *On our prayer walk we saw a huge idol that these people would more through the streets for their festivals for their gods. The idol was made from some sort of straw, piled high. Our interpreter told us that when we arrived in Nepal, it rained and now that idol is sopping wet and soggy. We are an army that has arisen! We bring GREAT news!

     Being in Nepal for my first full day seemed like I had been there for SO MUCH LONGER! It seemed so natural to walk through the streets of Nepal, yet there was a heaviness that I could feel, almost tangible. God, please break every chain. Jesus, there is power in Your name.
Breakfast. Yummy!

The chicken skit.

Megan shares her testimony for the first time to the team.


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