Monday, September 24, 2012

Close Calls and Jet Lag (Day 6)

     June 16th, 2012     Nepal, Kathmandu
     Talk about close calls? We landed in India very early this morning and had to go through immigration, customs, baggage claim, ticketing, baggage check, departure immigration, security and to our gate in three hours.
     Our time was ticking as soon as we stepped off of our plans and complications kept coming. Satan tried to get in the way! Johnelle and Marissa had to go elsewhere because Johnelle did not have her India visa yet (she was planning on getting it when we got to Nepal). Then we left them, praying for them, and headed to ticketing. We couldn't find where to go, and when we were finally directed that we needed to go upstairs, we headed to the elevator. The problem was that all of the Indian men continued to push in front of us and not let us on the elevator. Finally, all of us were on the next floor with our team leader leading the way to check our bags and get our boarding passes. Then we were having issues because we had Johnelle's and Marissa's bags to check, but because they weren't with us, we had to pay extra for them. Our TL Jacob stayed behind and we went through security. Then when we were all assembled, minus Jacob, Marissa and Johnelle, we ran with all that we were to get to our gate. As we sprinted through the airport, down to the gate that was furthest away from us, we saw people pulling our cameras and taking pictures. We were shouting things at each other like 'Sliced bread! Be a communion clump! No bread crumbs!' To keep the group together, encouraging everyone who was running out of energy or in pain because of their swollen ankles.
      At last we reached our gate, everyone panting and out of breath from running while lugging our bags with us. We found that we had gotten to our gate as the words 'Final Call' were flashing on the screen, instructing us to board.
     All up to that point we had prayed and prayed and prayed! God wants us in Nepal! When we was that Marissa and Johnelle sat waiting for us, we all breathed a huge sigh of relief. We had no idea how they got there, but were glad to see them. We turned back and noticed that Jacob was sprinting towards us. We were asked to board and as we got on our plane, the details from Johnelle and Marissa spilled out. They had been unable to get through immigration because of the lack of Johnelle's visa. Instead, they were taken where they weren't supposed to be allowed to go and led to their gate, where they had been sitting for an hour waiting for us, with no idea where we were. Praise the Lord we all made it! Sweating, exhausted, extremely jet lagged and ready to be in Nepal, we settled into our seats.
     When we got into Nepal, I was overcome by its beauty. On some level it reminds me of Jamaica, but it is a very spiritual heavy country. It is so hard to see the people at their temples worshipping gods who dont exist. It is heartbreaking but I am already falling in love with this country.
     We got to our hotel and it is nice, so much nicer than what I was expecting. the Lord is going to bless us here. I am so excited to do ministry, but my jet lag is killer. I never understood it until now. IT is currently 6:30 AM on Saturday according to my body (or back home) and I haven't slept since 'Thursday night', and only for a few hours.
     We had food, showers and them more drama training. We love our room and shower- my MAG and I. The shower is just a spout in the bathroom. The bathroom is the shower! I love the hotel we are in and just relaxing with my MAG.
     I crave sleep so desperately but I am holding out for bedtime here in Kathmandu. Its almost suppertime here and then we have session and I am hoping to crash afterwards!
     I am homesick, but my family all knows I am in Nepal and are looking forward to my phonecall. I miss them, but I trust and know this is where I am supposed to be. I am in ASIA! The feeling is surreal and crazy! I can't believe I traveled over 30 hours to get here-but here I am- Praise the Lord!
     The call home was hard. I texted mom at two in the morning her time- but she texted back that she loves me and is praying for me! when I called, I could barely speak because of the tears. I got to talk to mom and dad and by the end of the call, I was crying. I love them and miss them! But I know Jesus is about to do huge things! By dinner time I was more than ready for bed. Jet lag is crazy! Praise the Lord that all of this is for His perfect purpose!
     Highlights of the day:
     *Sprinting through the airport shouting 'Sliced bread! No bread crumbs! A communion clump!' and having people stare and take pictures of us crazy people! We stay together like sliced bread when traveling. And then shouting 'TAG- Get with your TAG!' Encouraging each other not to stop but to keep running!
     *A hot shower. That's right. We have hot water! The Lord is good to give us this gift! AND we got eight hours of sleep to recover from jet lag! It is so good to get to sleep!
     *Sierra in her jet-lagged state, blowing through her pipe that is used as a prop in our drama, but shouting 'I just harpooned you!' and then blowing multiple times at the birds. Everyone is a little loopy...

     Oh my goodness. That was one of the craziest days. I remember the craziness in the airport and I remember finally sitting down on the flight to Kathmandu and crying as I shut my eyes. I didn't even know why I was upset. I was just SO tired and I didn't know what else to do. All day I was up and down emotionally and looking back I know I just needed sleep. Seriously, jet lag feels like you just want to go lie down and be unconscious for the next week. I did not like it AT ALL. But thankfully, we were well recovered the next day.
     That night when we had session, it was so hard. We went to the roof and it was dark, no lights. We worshipped but I couldn't keep my eyes open and I kept falling asleep standing up and then I would start to collapse and the girl next to me would catch me and wake me up. When she would fall, I did the same. We sat down and were urged to stay away and listen to Deepak, our partner in Nepal. But the only thing I remember him saying that night was something about ministry in the mountains. That was it. I don't remember anything else at all. How insane.

Everyone was excited/shocked to be in Nepal, especially after all it took to finally get there!

Some of the worst swollen feet/ankles that we had. Hurt so much.

We are ready for ministry...right? Maybe after a shower and a nap.

This is where our bus was parked, and we would walk here everyday from our hotel. There always seemed to be kids everywhere.

We were slightly ruffled from over 30 hours of traveling, but remember that this was pre-shower. We were all feeling much better after that.
(P.S. Steph, I love you and miss you!)

Our bed! Three little monkeys are sleeping in this bed... Our just my little Mag.

See what I mean about the shower?

This was the view from our room. It was lovely, and usually we would see people pull up on their motorcycles. A fun little lookout.

This is what jet lag looks like.

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