Monday, September 24, 2012

Flight Time (Day Five)

June 15th, 2012      Qatar & India
     When I write this, it is technically Saturday an 2:33AM, but my body is still on Kansas/Texas time and I am not asleep. All day I have been on planes. At 7:15 PM, Doha, Qatar time, we transfered to a new flight in one hour. We rushed off of our plane, found our TAG and headed for our next gate, and went through security again. Then we boarded our flight to Dehli, India! I am thirty minutes away from landing in India.
     Then we have a layover until we fly to Kathmandu, Nepal! For the past eight months I have been waiting for this moment! Our hard work and God's perfect faithfulness has brought us to this moment. I am so glad to be sitting on a plane next to people who love the Lord and getting ready to spend the next two months doing ministry together!
     We form a bond that is deep and born of a need for great Christian fellowship. I absolutely love the people I am with, but we have to give up what is most important to us and what we lean on to find true dependance on Him. He is so faithful and being where I am right at this moment confirms much in my heart. I am EXACTLY where He wants me!
     I feel a sadness for Dove, one of the girls in my MAG who didn't get what was needed for her Nepal visa and ended up on GE campus for the next month, in hopes that she can come with the India B team.
     She had such a great attitude when she found our and we know God has great things for her, but we will miss her! May the Lord bless her abundantly.
     I am about to land in India!!!

     Highlights of the day:
     *Laughing about swollen feet and eyes and praising the Lord for His faithfulness, and booking it with my TAG through the Qatar airport, and getting on our next flight with little time to spare.
     *Talking with the flight attendant and even though it wasn't mentioned that we are missionaries, she said it sounded like we were going to help people! They will know us by His love...

Oh my, I wrote this right before I landed in India and had one of the most insane airport expieriences of my life! But, more on that later. As I type this out, I remember Dove and am so sad she didn't get to come to Nepal and India with us. She ended up getting to go to Panama, which is great! But she was in my MAG and we would have been SO close! Well, God is faithful and I know she is exactly where she was supposed to be. I trust Him and I know she did too! It was a GREAT reunion when I got back to Texas, two months later, and saw her. I gave her a big hug and asked her how everything was. She ended up going to Panama for a month, and just staying on campus while we were in Nepal. What an amazing, flexible follower of Christ!
Our progress! We were on that plane for a very long time!

Everytime we were asked what we wanted for a meal on our flight, the three of us would ask for the same thing, even getting the same drink. This was a lovely breakfast and great Columbian coffee. (Or at least I think that's what the flight attendant said it was...)

Before I left on my trip, I promised a dear friend that every time I saw a butterfly I would pray for her. This is the first butterly that I saw.

First sunrise on the other side of the world...

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