Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fear NOT! (Day Three)

June 13th, 2012 - Garden Valley, Texas

     'Prayer is the mighty engine that is to move the missionary work.' -A.B. Simpson. Prayer is so powerful. Today was a day of evangalism training, but without prayer we would be nowhere.
     I was taught how to share the Gospel in other cultures and I know that His truth is for EVERY Nation! I am seeking the Lord, but today I began to fear. Fear being away from my family for so long. Fear speaking to people I do not know. My heart was fearful.
     My team's name is 'First Responders' because we will be the first to come with the powerful word of god where it is so desperately needed! Our verse is Dueteronomy 31:6 - And it commands me to FEAR NOT for He is with me! But I let myself get so upset inside because I lost sight of this important truth!
     I met my MAG, which is three other girls, including my MA (missionary advisor) wo I will be spending the summer with, reading the word of God and praying together. We will be rooming together in Nepal. I already love my MAG and I trust that God is going to do big things in us and through us!
     We were comissioned tonight, to GO, to preach the Gospel. Candace, my PD (Project Director), told us that 'God has not brought us this far to leave us here.' And He hasn't, He has bigger things for us. Tomorrow we are headed to Nepal!
     At our commissioning ceremony, we lifted our voices to the LORD. We are all begging God to EXPLODE our hearts with love for these people we haven't even met yet! Not a love of ourselves, because I cannot love the way He does. But I asked the Lord to give me a love I have never known for people He loves enough that He DIED for them! I asked that the Lord would show me how to love them and care for them as I care for my own family.
     Then we went out, and my TL's (team leaders) prayed for each of us. When my TL, Andy, came to me, I asked him to pray for boldness, that I would fear not because the Lord is with me whereever I go. Andy asked me, 'Do you believe it?' 'Yes!' I answered. And he repeated the question, 'Do you believe it!?' 'YES!' I shouted. And he prayed for me and as he did, my tears fell and the fear that had wrapped itself around me melted and left. Satan is trying to distract me but when I recognize it, and call upon the Lord, He ultimately wins.
     Fear not! For He is with me.

     Highlights of the day:
     *Discussing Chapel with girls from my team. Their insight is encouraging and so good to hear. When we speak, God moves. that is key and nothing we try to do without the Lord will ever suceede. When we speak, GOD MOVES.
     *Dancing to learn how to share the Gospel! Candace teaching us a dance with the words, 'Two, Two, Two, Rock, Wages, Cancer, Chair, What!?' I can share the Gospel by just remembering our crazy dance! There is good news and bad news. Two, Two, Two, Rock, Wages, Cancer, chair, WHAT!?

     Ah what a beautiful day this was! I remeber sitting in Chapel, worshipping the Lord, everyone raising their voice to the Lord, different words, and being so washed in the pureness of our Lord! I was so overwhelmed by the fact that hundreds of people my age stood in that room, every one of them caught up in their own relationship with our Lord.
     When Ron Luce (the founder of Global Expeditions) got on stage to speak to us before sending us out, I listened to him ask us to beg God to explode our hearts for the people. How all of this time and effort and fundraising will be worth it. He spoke of how his heart exploded after each of his children was born, and urged us to ask God to do the same with the people we were about to minister to. At that moment, I asked God to give me the same love for the people I would minister to that I have for my family. All day I was so fearful about going off and leaving them for two months, but if I could feel that same love for the Nepali and Indian people, I knew my ministry would be so much better.
    Overall, I know how blessed I was and looking back I see just how beautifully God orchestrated every day of my summer. I am so thankful that He does the same thing with my whole live! Praise Him, for He is good!

Eating lunch and spending time with the Nepal project.

Comissioning Ceremony. Each country is represented, and as each person with your county's flag leaves the building, you follow.

At the cross, getting ready to be comissioned.

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