Thursday, June 6, 2013

Above Our Language (Day Forty Two)

     July 22nd, 2012 - Chennai, India
     God is my translator. I am holding onto that truth. Our day began much earlier and we left our hotel at 9:00am for church service. The church was small, behind a building next to the road. We were warmly welcomed and joined them in worshiping our Savior. We found out that the man who lives in the house that is in front of the church is not a christian, but he helped physically build the church and refinished it after a flood came through. Today he felt he needed to come to church and today is the day of his salvation! He accepted Christ and now is committed to Him.
     We ate lunch in the church and then had our quiet time there. The Lord has spoken to me so much- I am dependent on Him. I do NOT want that to change when I return home.
     Our ministry was going house to house, inviting people to our drama tomorrow, sharing our testimonies and presenting the Gospel. It did not work well. Our translator didn't understand her job. She didn't understand us completely ad she wouldn't translate our words. One man didn't understand why we were there, but said he would come to our drama. We got one of the local pastors to help us at our next home with  translation. A woman, with one side of her face deformed, sat holding her baby. We shared the Gospel the best we could with translation issues and made sure she would come to our drama. 
     We spoke as a MIG and reminded each other that when we speak, even if the language isn't understood, God still moves. God translates for us, just like in the Bible. And our actions can show them Jesus more than our words. Instead of talking with more people, we walked through the village, praying  God wants us to cry out to Him and please His name to be known here in this village. we cont do the work in the heart, God always does. Prayer is important because it is always the Lord who is going the work. I am only here to be used by Him.
     We took a short break and then went into the village, invited and talked to families. the Gospel was shared with many and everyone promised to come to our drama. We encouraged one woman to be involved with the church, because she used to go and now does not.
     The other group shared the Gospel wit ha woman who used to be a christian, but married a Hindu man. The man got saved, told his wife and son and today their whole family was added to the Kingdom.
     I am looking forward to returning tomorrow, sharing the Gospel and pouring love out on them. God works above all of our miscommunication!
     We got back to our hotel early and spent time as a team processing and worshiping our Lord. after dinner, we continued worshiping before bed. I am spending so much time praising and worshiping the Lord here. God is revealing more of Himself and His perfect plans and His heart to me. I don't want to forget anything that God does on this trip, even when I am not feeling 100%. 
     I still struggle with homesickness and being completely in the present. I hate not being completely content and every day I pray God will help me stay focused. For months I fund raised  prayed for my team and the people here and I don't want to waste my precious time with wanting to go home. Each day makes the struggle easier, but my window of time here is closing quickly.
     Jesus is my everything.

Our MAGs goal was that one day we would be as willing as this trash can. 'USE ME, JESUS!'

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