Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spreading Out (Day Twenty Two)

     July 2nd, 2012 - Kathmandu, Nepal
     Prayer is so important, and that is what I spent most of my day doing. I had breakfast and was ready to get on the bus and go back to Kathmandu, but we had to wait for Candace, our PD.
     She didn't ride an elephant yesterday and decided to do it this morning. She said she couldn't ask us to do things that scared us if she wasn't willing to do it herself. Now she is really pushing us- share our testimonies, share the Gospel and let God carry us.
     Once we got on the bus, I listened to music and prayed. I continue to ask God for peace because there are still mornings when my unguarded heart wakes up and is intensely homesick. I am mostly okay with being away from home, but when I woke up my instinct is to long for my family. Praise the Lord He has given me an amazing family to miss!
     All day I read 'Praying for your Future Husband'. I did pray for him, but I also asked God to change me and make me into more of a woman of God.
     We hit heavy traffic because of an accident and some girls got off our bus to go to the bathroom. The only problem was that the bus kept moving forward slowly and neither of the TL's were on our bus. I kept praying that God would protect us and about ten minutes later, everyone reached our bus again and got settled. The Lord is with us!
     The drive was long but good. I got to talk a lot to the Lord about what He is doing in me and what He has next for me.
     We made it back to our Kathmandu hotel, showered, ate supper and headed for session. I wrote letters to my family and gave them to Lauren who has promised to mail them when she gets home! At worship, I opened my Bible to see what the Lord has for me, intending to read a few psalms, but I opened to Isaiah and my eyes fell to an underlined verse- 
     'But the idols He shall utterly abolish.' -Isaiah 2:18 This is my prayer for this nation. The idols are many. Jesus, abolish them. Do not let them stay here.
     For session we got to ask our male TL's questions about men and relationships. It was kind of funny because Andy and Jake are vastly different! But they are both men of God and they encouraged all of us to seek the will of God in every decision, every relationship. If God is faithful to tell me to come to Nepal and India for two months, so clearly, He will be faithful to show me who He has for me, if He has a husband for me. I will trust Him in every aspect of life. I am surrendering all I am to Him, and trusting Him. My heart is NOT mine to give, after I have already given it to Jesus. I'll trust Jesus with who to give my heart to.

     Highlights of the day:
     *We drank coffee today, actual coffee. It was instant, but it was good. All of these little things added together make me feel so very blessed!
     *Arriving back at our Kathmandu hotel- this feels like home after being away. Soon A-team will go home, but for now everything is as it was when we first started off. Soon I will be in another country. Jesus- you are doing crazy things with my summer! 
     *Jake sharing with us his favorite valentines day with his wife, before they were married. Everything they did was so romantic- Andy was making faces as Jake shared with us. But Jake's day ended with her breaking up with him. Andy laughed and said, 'I thought you two were going to be married by the end of that day!'

     That last two sentences of that journal entry needs to be expanded upon. I said that Jesus gets to choose who to give my heart to, which is true. But part of that means that He is spreading out my heart. A piece in Nepal, a piece in India, probably pieces in South Africa and Uganda after this summer. He's spreading me out all over the world. <3

All the crazy stopped up traffic. It was all around us!

Wondering how long this will take.

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