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My Treasure Hunt (Day Fifteen)

     June 25th, 2012 - Kathmandu, Nepal
     'If a commission by an earthly King is considered an honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?' - David Livingstone
     I feel like I have sacrificed my summer for Christ- sort of. Sometimes I feel like this is a huge privilege  and I know it is, but the difficulties that accompany it make it feel like a sacrifice  Jesus has rewards for me that I cannot see- I believe it! It is going to be so worth coming here, but right now I cannot fully see the truth of it. This is why I must have faith- I am keeping my eyes on Jesus and trusting this is all worth it!
     Today was our last day of ministry in Kathmandu. Our TL's told us to really push for making this day count. Just because it is our last day before Pokhara doesn't mean we can be slackers. We must share the Gospel with urgency. We are 'treasure hunting' today. Individually we all prayed for clothing type, color and names that the LORD lays on our hearts. I kept thinking of a netted type of shirt and the color red, but I didn't understand because the style here does no have much 'netted' clothing. But I went out, did our drama, and followed my MIG to two men. But the two men didn't want to talk to us and they walked away.
     Then up came four girls who actually spoke English. One of them, named Depah, wore a netted shirt and in her hand was an SAT prep book that was bright red. I instantly knew the LORD wanted me to speak with her- so I jumped in. She is hoping to pass exams that will get her to the US. I am so glad that we got to talk to her and her friends before they go to the States. 
     Depah is very 'scientific', but we were able to explain our views to her. She kept arguing. At one point she had so much to say that she started spouting it off in Nepali and I had no idea what she was saying. She laughed at herself and then said it in English. Our conversation ended with her saying, 'If something is truth, will I not eventually believe it? If I told you your god was false, would you believe it at first?' The answer is no, but I also serve the one true God. But her question made me understand her culture a little better, and the message we are bringing. I will continue to pray for Depah because I believe now that she has heard the Truth, it will not leave her alone or give her peace until she accepts it. " ...and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” [John 8:32]
     We didn't do our drama at our next site, we just shared the Gospel. So many men crowded in that we 'needed a drink of water.' [Our code word for asking the guys in our group to protect us.] I turned around and saw Andy and was relieved that he was watching over us. But above all, I am so glad Christ was preached in this city on our last official day of ministry here before Pokhara.
     After we were done, we came back to our hotel, ate out PB&J and then went to pack for Pokhara. After we cleaned our room, we were allowed to go shopping again. I stayed back because I wasn't feeling well. I sent money with Sarah and she got a few things for me that I wanted to give to my family. 
     While they shopped, I talked with Aystyn, who has also been homeschooled her whole life and is going to be a Senior. She just encouraged me to persevere because this is SO worth it. I totally agree and it was lovely chatting with her. The Lord is so good to bless me with these amazing girls as sisters.
     Tonight we served the guys dinner to show them we appreciate them. We gave them pringles, coke, got their food and a candy bar for dessert. We all wrote them encouraging notes and put them in a cup by each of their plates. They really enjoyed it. =) I am pretty sure Andy cried, but I don't think he will ever admit it.
     I talked with Sierra about the future, and we are both excited to see what God has for us for the next school year and just in our lives. When I go home, I want to be bold like I am here and very Spirit filled.
     We had worship tonight and I just prayed for this country, that a fire will be ignited that will never go out. Lord- set this country on fire for You. If the Lord wants me to come back, I will. Whatever He has for me, even if it is an idea that scares and downright terrifies me, I'll go. Lord- I'll go!
     We had MAG time before bed and I got to talk about my family, my relationships with them and the love they have for me and I have for them. I have a new appreciation and love for them because of the separation this trip has brought. I want to serve my family like I serve my team here. Lord, mold my heart to always be ready to serve you!  

     Highlights of the day:
     *Praying for specifics to look for on ministry- our treasure hunt. Jesus gave me this: Netted shirt, Red and the name Maria. I am still looking for Maria. 
     *Heroes! My MIG's group is the 'superheroes'. Christ is Mr. Fantastic, Megan is Iron Woman, Meg is Violet (Incredibles), Rachel is Batman, I am Captain America and our translator, Anooch, is Spiderman. Today we got a group picture! I love my ministry group!
     *Serving the guys supper and waiting their table. They have done so much of serving us on this trip. It is nice to do something for them. It also reminds me a little of staff parties at camp.
     *Talking about my family- I love them so much! Thank you Jesus so much for my family and the love that flows between us all!

     I am so amazed by what the Lord did. I mean, a netted shirt in Nepal? Really? It was so crazy that I thought it was my own mind that created the whole thought in the first place. And yet, the Lord showed me how He worked. I am praying for Depah as I write this. I hope she is in the US and I hope she is seeking truth and I am praying that it sets her free from the chains she is entangled in. Thank you, Lord, for giving me this opportunity!
     I also am thinking about how the Lord gave me the name 'Maria' and I am beginning to pray about if I am supposed to look for her in Africa. I never found her in Nepal or India. 
     Pray with me for Depah and Maria.
A god of fear.

  I am talking to Depah. Such a precious moment.
My fantastic Superhero MIG!

We surprised the boys!

They loved it. =)

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