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The Most Epic Dance Party Ever (Day Nineteen)

     June 29th, 2012 - Pokhara, Nepal
     Today started out rough but ended wonderfully. I was homesick again and I had NO desire to be. I was exhausted  worn out, and 'weary of doing good'. Our first ministry site of the day was an area like a parking lot with shops and vendors all around. My heart was not at all in it, and I just felt ready to be done with ministry in Nepal. I don't think I fave my all during our drama and that upsets me. But Satan was using my exhaustion to nudge me to feel ineffective. We tried talking to people after the drama, and one man was even interested, but no one knew what to say. We all just stood there and stared at each other. I didn't know what to say. I was blank. 
     Megan pulled us aside and asked us what was going on. She wanted to encourage us, push us and we were not to zone out. The message we came all this way to share MUST be preached. We cannot give up because we are tired. We have got to make the most of today. Megan told us we would work in pairs. Meg and I would speak to someone together.
     We circled up and prayed and I just begged God to renew us and refresh us all. God answers prayers- He does. He chooses to operate in the realm of prayer.
     At our next site, I felt my energy level increase, but only a slight amount. Before our drama, I went to the bathroom with some of the girls. we went to a school and asked where the bathroom was but no one spoke English  They just stared at us until finally a little girl understood and pointed towards a grassy area behind the office. At first we thought the field was the bathroom, but finally she led us to an actual squatty potty. 
     We headed back and, amid the water buffalos,  cows and cow poo, we performed our drama. There was a man who was wither drunk or out of his mind. He kept whistling and making comments. During our skits, he told one of the girls e loved them. We prayed against distractions. Afterwards when we went to talk to people, my spirit was lit on fire. We talked to two women first. Christ shared the Gospel and Rachel shared her testimony. The women were talking to each other and said, 'We need to go,' meaning the local Church gathering. We pushed and asked if they wanted to accept Christ, if they believed, and they said not yet and then walked away.
     The next man was the one I got to really talk to. He wanted to know all about Heaven and Hell and Jesus. so I just started sharing the Gospel. One thing that hit me is that he said, 'I don't have time to follow Jesus. I must work for my family.' Because we left our homes to share the Gospel, that is his model of who and what a Christian is. I explained that he could have a relationship with Jesus no matter what he is doing. This man actually said, 'I want to meet Jesus.' Well, I want to meet Him in Heaven, but I already know Him and am sharing Him! I kept asking if he wanted to accept Christ  if he believed, and he was so receptive, so close, but he had so many questions and I had to leave before I could answer them all. Regardless, I believe that very soon he will accept Jesus as his Savior. He has the truth now- he must do something with it. 
     We got back on the bus and with my heart on fire, we sang songs to the Lord. I know it is Jesus who gave me the passion and fire when I started the day feeling burnt out.
     Our last site was a boarding school and we got to go there with the other team and do the Journeyman drama together. I didn't perform because my part was done by the other team. We came in and were given cookies and soda. Then we listened to the woman who ran the boarding house tell us that the Lord has taken her son, but given her over 70 other children through this home. She was so sweet!
     We did our skits and the Journeyman for the kids and then both our teams took turns singing them songs. We sang the Papaya song for them and they politely listened.
     They sang for us and used drums and tambourines  The people here belt the words out and praise the Lord, regardless of who is listening. Worship is between them and Jesus  the way it should be for me. When I get home, I want to continue to be bold and seek to praise Jesus regardless of who is watching.
     Then we had an amazing dance party with the kids! We played music and danced around with the kids. We laughed and smiled and enjoyed our time.
     We had to go and we sadly said goodbye to the kids and got on our bus. As we were leaving, they honored us by draping fabric around our necks.
     Heather taught us a song which we learned actions to and got to sing at dinner. Jesus just energized me and got me excited about the work I am doing for Him! Tonight was our session about missions- God just wrecked me! Candace red a lot about how little money is going towards missions. And what is, isn't going towards unevangelized places but places where Jesus has been proclaimed. Then she showed us an example. Three people stood up, one representing Americans, one representing those who get the watered down version of the Gospel (Europe, mostly), and one where people had never heard. 'Americans' had a tray of water, armfuls of water bottles, chairs and baskets couldn't hold enough. He started drinking, and just kept gorging himself. Even when he needed to go to the bathroom, he kept drinking. Then the next girl sipped from her own water bottle, declared that is wasn't that great and wrinkled her nose. The last girl, representing the unreached, only had an empty, crumpled paper dixie cup. No one brought her water and she needed it more than anyone. The picture made me want to cry. With so MANY unreached, I must raise my voice and be heard. The people at home MUST know the need. Missions isn't an option, it is the heart of God.
     I must go home and raise my voice among my family and friends- this truth must be heard and known. I have a mission and I must be faithful, I want to be worthy. Jesus, I AM willing, send ME.

     Highlights of the day:
     *We are having daily water contests between MIGs and the MIG that refills their bottles the most gets to have dinner first. It is fun to do and keeps us hydrated. For the people who drink electrolytes, they count it as 2 bottles. Today we tied for 1st place! And I am not suffering from dehydration.
     *Preaching the Gospel boldly to a man hungry for truth. I got to share my knowledge on so many Biblical concepts. Jesus has equipped me and if I can boldly share the Gospel here, through Jesus I can do the same at home. 
     *Asking the Tibetan woman at the boarding home what the children learn or are taught. But she misunderstood me and told me, 'The Lord took my son, but then he gave me over 70 children here through this home.' I said to the girl sitting beside me, 'That didn't answer my question, but thats okay, she is so sweet!'
     *Our teams song- 'I'm a first responder, baby! (I'm a first responder, baby! )
                                  Just a preaching all the time! ( Just a preaching all the time!)
                                   So you better get out of our way now  (So you better get out of our way now)
                                   Before we lay hands on you.  (Before we lay hands on you.)
                            [ Girls: With just a little            Boys: G
                                          a little                                   O
                                         All: Gospel in the road! ] -repeat
                                       Gonna rock your soul, with just a little Gospel!
                                    I'm a first responder, baby! (I'm a first responder, baby!)
                                    Just a praying all the time   (Just a praying all the time)
                                   So you better get out of our way now  (So you better get out of our way now)
                                    Before we love all over you    (Before we love all over you.)
                              [ Girls: With just a little            Boys: G
                                          a little                                   O
                                         All: Gospel in the road! ] -repeat
                                       Gonna rock your soul, with just a little Gospel!

     *Missions session. The world needs Jesus. Those who haven't heard need to hear. It does not matter how hard this is for me or how much I miss home. These people are what is important. Their eternity and life here. They can have a full life, or an empty life. I want them to have life to the full, because that is why Jesus came.

     The illustration in the missions session rocked my heart. I could hardly believe the statistics and I could hardly understand how many needed the hope of Christ. They are hopeless and that breaks my heart. I need to be careful when I ask Jesus to break my heart for what breaks His, because He does it.
They honored us with these as we were leaving.

We all packed into the small room.

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