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The Brick Village (Day Forty)

     July 20th, 2012 - Chennai, India
     I've realized that God has taught me flexibility in a huge way on this trip. I am never sure of what is going on or what will happen next. God is showing me what is important and what isn't. Jessica spilled her drink on one of my pictures and instead of getting super upset, I let it go. My hope is that my attitude would be the same towards my family when I get home.
     My heart has not been fully in the ministry we are doing here, but I have wanted it to be. I have asked Jesus to open my heart and do something so powerful today that it puts me in complete awe of Him. We returned to the school and did the Journeyman for them, but I am not sure what they understood. When we came into the school, they welcomed us by throwing rose petals at us. This one little boy literally chucked them at the side of my face. IT was so precious and made me laugh.
     After our drama, we went to a small classroom and shared the Gospel with the kids who all said they wanted to follow Jesus. We prayed with them, reminded them that Jesus loves them. For many of the kids, it was their first time to see white people. Many of the younger kids cried when they saw us. Hopefully they will realize we come with the most important message to share with them.
     Our next stop was a village of people who make bricks. They are unknowingly in a form of slavery because they are uneducated and to pay back their debt in the form of bricks, they must make bricks for generations because their interest is increasing quicker than they can make bricks. So their children make bricks and then their grandchildren and it just keeps going. The people are mostly unreached with the Gospel and we are blessed with getting to bring it to them.
     We did the doctor skit and I showed off my lovely skills of acting like a pregnant woman going into labor. We didn't have to invite anyone to come, because once they saw us a crowd formed. After our drama, we quickly left to pray for people. Woman after woman came to me, asking for prayer. I prayed for so many, but there was one woman I prayed for and then we asked how she felt. She told us she was healed and we were trying to make sure she understood that it is Jesus who healed her. She replied, (through a translator), 'Yes, I know and I will no longer serve my other gods and idols, but I will serve only Jesus.' I wanted to see God do something so powerful and not only did He heal this woman, but she came to know Him as Savior. She wanted us to come to her home and pray for her husband  but we couldn't go with her. I wanted so badly for her to see her husband healed, and I hope she will pray for Him and see the power of God. all of the people n the village were so sweet and glad we were there. We prayed for this old woman who was beautiful and so sweet. Her whole body ached from being old. we didn't see her healed, but I know whatever healing God brings her is a blessing, whether in this life of the next. The village women all put jasmine in our hair as a gift before we left. We prayed for one last man with heart issues. He used to be a part of an anti-Christian, hate group. But after his heart problems, he has opened up to Christ. We prayed for healing and that he would serve God and the change for his whole village.
     On the bus ride home, Pastor O explained a lot about the culture and religions. He said not a lot of other religions go into the world and share their message, but Hindus have learned from some Christian groups and  now they are trying to convert the Hindus who have become Christians back to Hinduism by threat or by bribe. They will threaten the Christians and cast them out of their villages if they don't turn back to Hinduism. Another thing they do is bribe 'rice Christians'. A rice Christian is someone who says that they will follow Jesus because they are given food and supplies to live on. Hindus will promise them more 'rice' and other things if they will turn back to Hinduism. It is so saddening to see so many lost people, but I know a 'rice Christian in our culture would be the equivalent to  'Sunday Christian'. I need to go to war in prayer for these people. They are LOST and I want them to know Jesus so badly. Not only has Jesus done so much but He is reaffirming in me my desire to be a missionary.
     Pastor O and Pastor B left for home today and a new group of pastors is coming next week for ministry. Pastor O told us to pray because he might be able to come back, maybe with his family. God does miracles. I pray I will see him again before Heaven  He is so full of joy and the love of the Lord is in him. He always makes me laugh- we will have a great party in Heaven!

The kids welcoming us.

Praying for the woman at the brick village.

Drama at the Brick Village

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