Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beautiful Feet (Day Thirty Eight)

     July 18th, 2012 - Chennai, India
     "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of great joy!" Romans 10:15
     For the past several days, I have woken up early and it makes me so exhausted   But it is reassuring to know that this is all for Jesus and His kingdom- I will hold onto that.
     For ministry today, we worshiped with several of the pastors, drank tea and then listened to their testimonies. we broke into small groups and asked the pastors what we can be praying for. they asked us to pray for things like their families, a new church building, slavery- anything that was on their hearts. I asked them what we should tell people about the Indian church when we get home. One thing that they said rocked my world- they are praying for the American church and America as a nation. I am unfaithful to pray for my brothers and sisters here in India and Nepal, but they are making sure they pray for us. The other thing they said was, 'Ask others to pray for us.' The church here needs so much support, I must remember to pray for them! We all prayed for the pastors individually and then washed their feet for them. It is such a blessing to be able to serve them- they are working so hard and laying down their lives for Christ! 
     The rest of our day has been a free day. Our hotel is right on the edge of the Bay of Bengal and we got to go out, father shells, take pictures and then go swimming in our hotel pool. I felt like I was at camp for a minute because I had so many christian friends around me and we were just hanging out together.
     I got to spend time with Marissa again and it was so refreshing. I haven't spent much time with her since she is on the other team. I love her so much and she is such a blessing to me from the Lord on this trip. 
     Tonight was our no talent 'Talent Show' and it made me feel like it was the last night even though we have two weeks left. We dressed up, sang and danced and laughed a lot. At the end of it, we honored our leaders by washing their feet and writing them letters of encouragement.
     Tonight God softened my heart toward my new leaders and gave me a heart of flesh, soft and ready to love and not hate. I have said the declaration for the mast thirty nine days and I must live it. I have two weeks left- to encourage my leaders, love my teammates, serve my MA and proclaim the Gospel to all people. By the power of Christ, I will make every second count.

Washing these beautiful feet!

Blessed to serve.

On the beach!

A lot of crazy girls and a slightly failed jumping picture!

I love this girl!

I loved this day!

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