Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's Not a Competition! (Day Forty Four)

     July 24th, 2012 - Chennai, India
     Merry Christmas Eve! Only one more day until we celebrate Christmas in July! This morning I called home and talked to my parents. 2 minute phone calls are one of the hardest and best parts of this trip. I love talking to my parents, but the time is so short!
     We had session this morning and shared stories of what god has done and encouraged each other to press on! Bee told us that two people are getting baptized and said if anyone else would like to be baptized, to tell her. I am praying about it. I was baptized when I was young, and God has completely changed me. The old me is gone and I want to have that represented by being baptized. I want the blessing of my parents before I decide, but all of today I have thought and been praying about it.
     We made Christmas stockings during our team time and everyone is getting excited. Today is such a good day. I am energized and excited about ministry. I can't believe how few days left I have here! Every day I am a little more overwhelmed by the closeness of the end of my time in India this summer.
     Our first site was a school in one of the higher caste communities. We did the drama, but when we exploded from the tomb, when 'Jesus' rose from the dead, I hit my head, hard on the group. I told Joy and she checked my head, found a bump and made me sit down. I sat with Grace, who is throwing up today. She told us that we are not having a competition to see who can be more sick. I was not allowed to sleep even though I was drowsy.
     It was hard for me not to be doing ministry, especially when I felt so energized. I prayed during our next site for health, for us and for all of the people. We are returning to this village tomorrow, praise the Lord. But even though I sat out, I am learning how important prayer is. If I went out on ministry, I would be praying and I can pray when I am not talking to people. I love talking to Jesus and He has been showing me just how powerful prayer is. At that village, the people were very hard to the Gospel and wanted us to leave.
     Something exciting today is that our bus driver is considering giving his life to Christ  Aaliyah has developed a relationship with him and he watched our drama yesterday. When he was born, he almost didn't live but a Christian prayed for a miracle for him. We are all praying that he will commit His life to following Christ. Our ministry is even with our bus driver. On the way home, we stopped at the hospital and got my head checked out. I was told by my entire team that they were praying for me and Pastor S said he was praying for me as well. The doctor said I just had a bad headache and let me go to sleep. we went to the bathroom in a sketchy hallway of the hospital, where frogs and lizards were everywhere and it was dark. I have so many amusing stories about bathroom experiences  I love 'roughing it' and living this missionary life. That was my second time in a hospital in another country. 
     On the bus ride home, my whole bus prayed and sang praises to God for the victory He has already won. And He has chosen us as His people to go fourth and fight, but He has won the battle.
     After dinner, I crawled into bed and fell right asleep, seeking relief from my headache. An hour later Jessica woke me up because of a knock on the door. Well, both Katie and Jessica talk in their sleep and sleepwalk. I told her to go back to sleep but then I heard the knock. She answered the door to find Joy and Bee on the other side, wanting me to call home about my doctors visit. My mom was a little worried when she answered the call from India and it was Joy. She gave me the phone and I explained I was fine and I'll be okay. I love how much my mom cares for me and I am so thankful for the blessing she is to me. I am a new person in Christ. I will never be the same after what God has done in me on this trip.

Joy taking care of the 'sickies'. 

The team doing ministry with the kids.

Precious girl.

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