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I'm Rich! (Day Twenty Six)

     July 6th, 2012 - Kathmandu, Nepal
     Intellect is dangerous. When you are full of knowledge, you are more likely to seek facts and proof but our relationship with Christ relies on faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Heb. 11:6
     Today we spent our morning on a college campus, speaking with professors and students. We stopped at the library and looked around before going to a small restaurant where teachers were eating lunch. The first men we spoke to appeared uninterested as soon as we identified ourselves as christian. We let him eat as soon as his food got to him, because we had completely lost his attention. Next we spoke to another man who teaches Chemistry. He was very polite and king, but would not listen to our questions or reasons for our beliefs. We left him with a tract and walked away. For me, the hardest part of every conversation is walking away. If they don't accept Christ now, will they ever choose to follow Him? I pray they will.
     Our next conversation was with a group of college students. They believe they should tolerate all other religions, be kind and do good things. Rachel pointed out that Jesus is the only one who knew we could never do enough good things and came to us. the girls laughed with us, made jokes and politely listened to us. But again, we walked away without seeing them make a decision. They want to be facebook friends and asked for our names. I always feel a little disappointed when our conversation turns from Christ to facebook or other trivial things. I must remember that it is god who chooses His children and has the perfect time for them to come to Him.
     The last group we spoke to was another group of college students, all girls. They didn't have much time, I quickly shared the Gospel and Aaliya shared her testimony before they had to go to class. One of the women said they did not know much about Jesus. Even after all of my time here, it amazes me when people don't know what Jesus has done for them!
     Goodbyes were exchanged before we left, walked downhill to our bus. Once we got on the bus and had our sandwiches, we were headed to the slums. I am finding that a peanut butter sandwich on the bus with fellow believers can comfort me after long and hard conversations.
      The atmosphere on our bus is now different. The people I have been used to sitting by, talking to and laughing with are mostly gone. The same happened with the other team. Now, all of us C-trippers are on one bus and we are not used to it. Our friendships continue to be built, but we had definitely fallen into a comfort zone with our team that is now gone. I am learning to depend on the Lord all over again!
     We arrived at the slum and all filed off the bus. We had to cross a busy road, but we all got across quickly and without incident. Once we were on the other side, we were in the slum. I had 250 dum dums. I gave all of them away at that slum.
     These two small boys with dirty faces and ripped clothes clung to me, begging for 'chocolate'. I tried to explain it wasn't chocolate, but they didn't understand. All of the children swarmed me and I handed out sucker after sucker.
     I spoke with one little girl in a yellow dress. She held my hand, complimented my yellow headband. She is thirteen and her favorite colors are pink and yellow. I don't even know her name.
     Another little girl came to me, put her arms up and wanted to be held. I picked her up and held her tight. She had short, chopped hair, similar to the boys' hair. She held onto me tightly and her legs wrapped around me, not daring to let go.
     While I held her, I talked to a young boy and sat next to a woman and her baby. If I had a translator, I would have shared the Gospel. Instead, I tickled her little baby, held the child in my arms and asked about the little boy's life. I handed out more candy and smiled more than I have in a little while. But all too soon we had to leave. Our group gathered near our bus to say goodbye. Over 20 children crowded in on me, holding out their hands for candy. On my walk back, two older women had asked for some and I gave them handfuls. That was when I was basically attacked by children. I gave all of the candy away. It is my pleasure to do so. When they have nothing, I feel like I have everything. Once we were on our bus, the kids came to the windows and held our hands. We began driving off, I was waving to them until they were completely out of sight. May the Lord be with them in this life, may they seek Him.
     At our hotel, all of the girls had girl time. For fifteen minutes we dreamed about food and came up with our perfect meal. we are happy with the food we have, but all of us are looking forward to American food once again.
     Then we discussed lies the enemy tries to entrap us with. We talked about the feeling that we need to perform to be loved. I know the truth, and I have seen it on this trip - I need to be who God made me to be. If someone does not like me, it isn't on me. I am seeking Christ  and His relationship first and foremost.
     We had another family dinner before our Bible study. Tonight we discussed why God allows suffering in this world. It is a hard question to ask, but many do ask. What I see is that through suffering, I am brought closer to Christ. No God doesn't want us to suffer, but sin has consequences and since it entered this world, we all suffer. God uses those sufferings to good. Thank you Jesus!
     I read Sold today, a book about a girl from Nepal sold into prostitution and taken to India. IT is so REAL to read that while I am in Nepal. When we flew into India, I believe I saw a red light district and the other team passed a brothel in the city when they were out on ministry. This, to me, is one of the biggest horrors. I want to bring hope to the hopeless. 

     Highlights of the day:
     *My MIG talked with a group of college students who believe that all religions are the same. Praise the Lord that is what we discussed last night. God prepares us and equips us with exactly what we need. Even when these people do not surrender to Him. God is God of conviction. Evangelism is my goal, not conversion or conviction.
     *Every morning I get up early and spend time with Jesus. Without that time, I know I would be struggling a lot more. But when I read the word and spend time with my Savior, He breathes peace into my soul. Spending undivided attention with Jesus is one of my favorite parts of the day.
     *Joyfully singing out praise songs! When we are on the bus, we sing loudly and bring a joyful noise to our Savior's ears. When I look back, years from now, I always want to remember all of the times we sat on the bus, singing at the top of our lungs. All for you, Jesus.
     *I could take at least half of the children from the slum home with me, if I was allowed. They have almost nothing and I have SO much. I could bathe them, hug them, clothe them and feed them. I could probably do all of that with the money I have in my savings account. Jesus, show me how to be wise with my money.
     *Hugging the little girl from the slum. I could have held her forever. Her clothes were covered in dirt, mud and , most likely, urine. Her face was dirty and her teeth were slightly brown. Her hair was cropped short and it could be because of lice. But when I held her in my arms, love is what poured out of me.

     I loved every slum I went to and the Lord always did a work on my heart when I went. I just had this desire to care for them, in a maternal way. How it must break their mother's hearts to not be able to care for them better!

 So many of the kids wanted the candy! "Chocolate, miss, chocolate?"

Holding this precious beauty!

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