Friday, June 7, 2013

The Dream Team's Back! (Day Fifty)

     July 30th, 2012 - Chennai, India/ Kochi, India
     I am on my way back to the USA. How has two months flown by so quickly? It seems like just the other day that I got on the plane in Houston to make my way to Nepal. I have loved every second (Even the hard times) because God has me in the perfect place. I am so glad that I am a Ctripper, and not and A or B tripper.
     I packed up and left, saying goodbye to the Btrippers until we meet up in Texas, and leaving India! I have spent so much time in an airport today. Curing our flight to Kochi, Michelle, Beka and I talked about what life will be like when we get home. How will we be able to adjust and live differently than we used to? At our 9 hour layover in Kochi, I got on the internet and looked at FB pictures. On my baptism photos someone commented '?'. I am not sure I am ready to go home and answer all of the questions. God has wrecked my life. How do I put that into words? 
     My heart is different and God has affirmed so many things in me that I am excited about. I am also sad to leave this great time and season.
     I have been delirious today because we have stayed up so late- our connecting flight to Doha boarded at 4am. Everything seems funny at that time. I have laughed hard because Marissa tried 'magic tricks' that the 'trick' is obvious.
     These people I have lived with for two months are my family. I am back with the dream team: all of the Ctrippers! I don't even want to imagine what it will be like NOT to see their faces every day and hear what is on their hearts. God is going to use every one of us but it won't be easy. It never is. He has stretched us and will stretch us even more than when we all get home. By God's grace, I will stand firm, steadfast.

Saying goodbye to the B-trippers until we all get back to Texas. We left many hours before them.

I love this girl. She is inspiring.

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