Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm SWAG. (Day Forty Eight)

     July 28th, 2012 - Chennai, India
     Today was our last free day in India and I have been thinking about all of the relationships I have made on this trip. All of these amazing people, who love the Lord, push me on towards Jesus.
     I will miss them and the way they encourage me but I know God has so many things for me when I get home and I am excited for the changes that will come.
     We drove to Chennai, in the city, and went to an Indian shopping mall. We ate lunch at KFC and it was so good to have some of our normal food. Crystel was Brittany, Beth, Tommy and my shopping MA. We called them SWAG, Shopping With an Approved Group. She is so sweet and we were able to buy some fun things to take home as gifts. I love that shopping here essentially means giving.
     I have been blessed so abundantly to be able to buy things for my friends and family back home.
     We got back to our hotel and started packing. My heart hurts as I prepare to go home because I know I won't have this constant support of people always around me. I talked with Julia at dinner, and both of us are excited about the changes that are going to happen when we get home.
     Ministry here is over. I almost feel like I should be going to another country for another month- but I am going to the US, where Jesus is needed and the lukewarm Church needs to be revived.
     Go, share the Gospel, be the hands and feet of Jesus  love the way He loves and stop judging. Do it. You won't. 
My SWAG! Plus Michelle.


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