Monday, June 3, 2013

Moving Mountains (Day Seventeen)

     June 27th, 2012 - Pokhara, Nepal
     Today I saw an elephant. I also saw a monkey. I fed hungry children. I love Jesus. My feet hurt. Goodnight.
     Okay, so not really. I did see an elephant on my book bag, but not monkeys (although I have seen them on this trip.) We didn't really feed anyone food today, but we did share the Gospel to those hungry for truth! Two little boys got saved today! I do love Jesus. A lot. And my feet aren't too bad- I even washed my shoes today! Plus, even if they hurt, they are beautiful because they're bringing the Gospel!
     Today we got to sleep in and it was lovely. We headed to ministry, but were unable to get to our site because of a landslide early this morning. But we read the WORD, prayed for our missionary brothers and sisters around the world, and believed that God literally moved a mountain for people to hear about Jesus. 
     We went to two drama site's, but Andy had to be our miracle man because Robert was throwing up sick and had to go to the hospital because of dehydration and possibly a parasite. We shared the Gospel with a few people but they all walked away, so we played with kids instead. The craziest part of the day was when we were talking with this man. One of the guys had been treasuring hunting and hadn't found his treasure. He was looking for someone with a worn out, red baseball hat. While we were talking, he asks to get in front of me and then points and goes 'Red hat.' I was so stunned. I wanted to laugh or cry. How crazy is it that the Lord sets these moments up? We weren't able to talk for long before the man walked away, but whatever the Lord's plans are for that man, they included us meeting him.
     Our next ministry site was right in the midst of at least seven water buffalo's and all of their dung. But after our drama, we talked to a man who had a baby girl and mute wife. He accepted Christ after we shared the Gospel and asked for a Bible! I am sharing the Gospel every day, and I, by no means, want it to get old. Lord, may I never grow weary in doing good and Your will.
     Our last site was at the biggest college in Nepal. Over 8,000 students attended. We did 'friendship evangelism'. We approached people and asked them questions, started conversations, and shared Jesus with them.
     The two women we approached talked with us, asked for a picture with us and then listened to us share the Gospel. They didn't accept or believe, but we told them the decision was their's to make at any time. One of them said she watched Joyce Meyers. They said they had heard of testimonies of miracles, credited to Jesus. I pray that soon they put their trust in Him!
     We had girl time and Mamarissa talked to us about beauty. Tomorrow is 'No make-up day.' We are beautiful because of what is inside us more than anything. A dog came up and interupted by coming into our circle and wanting food. The funniest part was that Marissa didn't notice until he was right in front of her and she practically did a backflip when she saw him, and screamed.
     But we finished our beauty talk and then got SHOWERS! A prized activity as a missionary.
     Then we had supper and MAG time. We had a good conversation about broken friendships and people who walk away from life abundant- lived with our Lord.
     Then we played 'Truth or Dare' where I stood on the bed singing the Papaya song in an opera manner. Then I tried to get Sarah to fit in our dresser/wardrobe, but she wouldn't because of the spider webs. 
     While we were playing, Lauren, Johnelle, and Melea knocked on our door and asked us to get a lizard out of their room that they claimed looked like a mini alligator.
     I really enjoy spending time with and living life with so many crazy girls (and guys) that are also mature enough to go to someone and preach the Gospel.
     Sarah showed us pictures of her home life and we had good bonding time. It is so important to be connected with these people that I spend all my time with.
     I have hit a turning point, praise the Lamb, and I haven't been homesick today. I am really enjoying being here and while I love home, I don't want to leave this beautiful country and my team! When A-trippers leave us C-trippers, we are going to start singing, 'Why can't A be C?'
     I pray that we will bond quickly with the B-trippers, but it will still be so hard to say goodbye! Thank the Lord I still have them for another week, but we only have three or four days left of ministry in Nepal with them! And we get to ride elephants together! I have been in Nepal for almost two weeks and it still hasn't hit me.
     God is doing great things in me!

     Highlights of the day:
     *MIGies! 'This little MIGie went to Nepal, this little MIGie stayed home. This little MIGie shared the Gospel, this little MIGie shared none- And this little MIGie went 'BV, BV' all the way home.' Our rewrite to the piggy rhyme.
     *Friendship evangelism- befriending two women and just quietly talking about Jesus with them. They didn't push us away or ask us to stop. They listened intently and asked good questions. This encourages me to go home and talk about Jesus with people who actually speak English.
     *Marissa's back-flip upon seeing the huge dog come up to her, and screaming as she runs away.
     *Last night we had a flashlight on and Sarah started a puppet show that Naomi and I ended up narrating. Karina and Lauren knocked on our door and we squealed, turned off the light and were silent. They wanted hot water, but we were so certain we were in trouble.

     I look back on this day and I love it. Because I wasn't homesick, and I had so much peace. I learned so much. As I type this up, I am smiling and praying that the Lord teaches me how to be focused on the task at hand and that He would give me complete peace!

Mamarissa =)

There were always crowds of people.

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