Friday, June 7, 2013

India - What I NEVER Want To Forget

     *The woman at the brick village who had pain all over and wanted us to pray for her. Jessica and I did. She had a red, Hindu dot on her forehead, but still we prayed and God healed her. She told us she served other gods, but because Jesus healed her, she was now only going to serve Jesus. She wanted to pray for her husband, that he would be healed. We were unable to go to him, but that woman was full of joy when she left us.


     *The three people healed in one day at the gypsy village. A woman who had been suffering from stomach pain for three years. A woman crying because of the pain her swollen feet caused for three months. A small child, a little girl burning with fever for three days. All were healed. The girls skin was cool to the touch when we left.

     *The children I shared the Gospel with- over 20 of them and all of them wanted Jesus! I went to each one and blessed them, praying for them. They grinned as I put my hand to their heads and prayed for them.

     *The demon possessed woman who had three demons before already. We stood outside the church while Jacob and Joy were in the church praying for the demons to flee! When we realized what was going on, we circled up by MIGs and prayed too! When we were on our bus driving away, Jacob told us that the demon had left her.

     *The huge leper colony we went to. The beautiful man with no fingers who couldn't communicate with me but just sand beautifully to me, even if it wasn't with perfect pitch. Later I found out that before we came he felt like an orphan, unloved and uncared for. Abandoned. But because we came, he knew he was loved by God and us. We prayed for God to heal him, but sometimes God works in ways we don't see on the inside.

    No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets.

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