Friday, June 7, 2013

The end? (Day Forty Nine)

     July 29th, 2012 - Chennai, India
     Today was my last full day in Chennai. I was in session several times today about missions, statistics of how FEW people know who Jesus is! My heart is so convinced that this is where God wants me- as a missionary.
     A long life is not necessarily a full life. I don't need a long life. I need a full life. (The Martyrs Prayer). I came on this trip wanting to know what God has for me next- what does He want me to do with my future? Does want me to be a missionary? Is is something that I am passionate about?
     Yes. The answer is yes. God has wrecked my life in a thousand ways and He's not done. I dedicate my life to sharing the Gospel ad I honestly believe it will be in another country than my home.
     Today my team did 'Hot Seat' for each person, encouraging each other in how God has changed us and what each of us thrive doing and how we are like Christ.
     Everything that was said to me was about how I am sweet, friendly and kind. That is Jesus. I am not the person I was. I have become those things simply because of Jesus. I am encouraged. I am ready to be all of these things but I feel like I am leaving a part of my heart here.
     This is not the end. Sometimes it feels like the end, but it is not the end. This is a beginning and god has so many great things in store. I will obey Him, because I know that when I do my life is completely changed.
     Jesus is telling me, 'My sweet Leigha, just wait. You are sad because your trip is almost over, but what is coming next is going to be even better. Stay close- you are in this thing forever.' 
     And I am. I gave my complete life to Jesus and I am in this forever. I love it. Goodbye to this ministry in India, but NEVER to Jesus wrecking my life. 
My sweet sister Katie bought me oreos and gave me this purse! 

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