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Celebrate, Worldchangers! (Day Twenty Three)

     July 3rd, 2012 - Kathmandu, Nepal
     Stand strong. Steadfast. It is a strange feeling to be back here in Kathmandu doing ministry, but it had been great! We went to a small community for drama evangelism and did what we are so used to doing. We squared up and got to do our drama- my last time here in Nepal.
     We prayed a lot today for different people and met several Christians. We encouraged one woman to continue to go to church and find the truth about Christ. She invited us into her home and even though we couldn't go, she was very hospitable. May the Lord use the church to bring her into a relationship with Him! He will always pursue her.
     Our second site was friendship evangelism. We went to a park where a whole bunch of people were shooting a Nepali music video. We talked with some by-standers. The man Megan and I spoke to, spoke broken English. He is a Christian, even though we couldn't communicate very well, we knew he was a Christian. He was not a very strong believer and we told him it would be good to read the Bible. Our translator, Anooch, actually told him the same thing! I hope he does.
      I keep reminding myself that God is faithful and when we speak, He moves. I can ALWAYS depend on Him. I may be thousands of miles away from home, but I am depending on the same Lord they are and He is faithful to us all!
     We packed a little, the Nepal only team got ready to go home and we all dressed up for our family time, talent night. It was seriously the first time I have felt truly 'pretty' on this trip.  Missionary life consists of frizzy hair, braids, buns and ponytails, clothes that have been worn for more than five days continue to be reused, smelly shoes and feet, showers every so often. Doing my hair, putting on cute clothes and being around others who are doing the same on this special night is like a salve to my woman's heart.
     Everything about tonight's talent night was so funny. I am glad we can laugh before we have to say goodbyes tomorrow. We had out 'Annual 2069 Nepali Grammys.' Everyone got an award - mine was, 'Most likely to write the next best seller.' There were many others for every missionary and our TL's. Marissa's was 'Most likely to date to save.' and Andy's was 'Most likely to overdose on electrolytes'. 
     Rachel and I shared out talent- how to make a perfect PB&J sandwich  My favorite part was telling everyone, 'You must put the sandwich in a bag for 4-6 hours while doing ministry for the best taste.' Everyone was amused. The boys did a sing-song/lion king/Aladdin version of our Worldchanger creed. Sierra and Bekah rapped a song for us. Brandi sang and played her guitar. Our MA's did several versions of the same skit, including valley girl, ghetto, and Nepali style. Sierra, Abbey, and Johnelle did some interpretative dancing that we got to join in with! This night has been wonderful.
     Naomi had to leave us in our room because we found out she has a contagious infection. My last night with A-trippers, it is just me and Sarah. I am sad to see them all go, but I am looking forward to seeing who my roommates are going to be. Everything is changing, but I am ready for it and excited about it. Having something new gives me things to look forward to. 
     Also, Happy Sweet Sixteen to Johnelle! We found out today that she is getting her India visa that day we leave for India. PTL! Johnelle slipped onto our team for the day after getting her visa, and it was fun to have her around. I am looking forward to getting to know C-trippers that are on the other team. 
     The Lord is good to me, even when I miss home and now miss my Nepal-team family, He lets me rest completely in Him. I trust you, completely, Lord.

     Highlights of the day:
     *Watching Nepali women try to get their dance moves perfect so that they can be in the music video. I was tempted to speak with those girls, but they were busy. Regardless of whether we got to talk to them or not- may Jesus bring them to His loving care.
     *Talent Night. Sarah and Andrew acting out a ridiculous couple meeting for the first time. Sammi and Daniel spoke their thoughts on the mic while they acted it out. When Sarah 'worshiped' the Lord, she fell to her face and then lifted up her arms to the Heavens behind her back. My MA makes me laugh!
     *Spending time at 'Rachel's house! We joke that our MA's are our mommies. I asked Sarah if I could go to Rachel's house and she said yes. Sierra said, 'Rachel, I am so glad you are finally having a friend over. It's been five years!' 'Mom, stop embarrassing me! Leigha's mom almost said no because of your drinking problem!' 'I do drink a lot of Fanta, or maybe its my eating problem. I'll be obese before I am forty!'

     This day was such a joy, but it was followed with a hard day because the A-trippers left. I am looking forward to having a party in Heaven with all of them, where we all worship the Lord together again. What a joyous day that will be!

Finally looking cute!

She is amazing.

Party time.

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