Thursday, June 6, 2013

Did Someone Say McDonalds? (Day Thirty One)

     July 11th, 2012 - New Delhi, India/ Chennai, India
     I have officially been away from home for a whole month. It has been hard, but I know every second and every struggle is worth it. This morning I was able to make a 12 minute phone call home- what a blessing! In the past that might not have seemed very long, but that should last me until I get home, with only two minute phone calls from here on out. It was encouraging to hear everyone's voices, even if I am sick. I know they are all praying for me. I reminded them and asked them to pray for me before I hung up. While I was paying the man for my call in the little internet cafe, the man said that I never have to ask my mom to pray for me, because she already is. I believe it- I know she is lifting me up in prayer along with MANY others!
     Afterwards, I quickly packed and joined everyone to go to the airport. We actually sat in the airport for our longest time yet! It reminded me that Rose is somewhere in an airport or on a plane back to the States- how crazy! Time flies by, especially because God is wrecking my heart completely.
     Finally, Marissa and Jake came to us and told us we had our flight cancelled, but we were able to get on a later flight to Chennai. This was great news- we got to spend time in the airport! 
     We ate there and then others loaded up on snacks. I got myself cough syrup and then we all went to our gate to board our plane. Brandi bought ships from a vending machine, but they got stuck and she almost didn't get them because we were boarding our plane. So many funny things have happened on this trip, I wish I could record them all so that I can always remember!
     During the flight, I slept. When we got to Chennai, we got our bags and went to find our bus. There were so many people holding signs for people they were waiting for. One sign was for World Vision and it made me smile. It was dark, very hot and the smell was hard to take. I'm not even sure what it smelled like, but it made my congested nose unhappy.
     Even though today was a travel day and very hard, I will look back on today with fond memories of Sierra and her love for food. God is carrying me through every day. Thank you, Jesus.

     One more thing I didn't write in my journal entry- I went to buy my cough syrup and the guy didnt have change for my money so instead the change was given to me in cough drops. Thats never happened to me before!  I was really sick that day, and I slept most of the time on the plane. When we got to our hotel, we were so tired and we knew we would be meeting the other, jet-lagged part of our team very soon. So all of us sickies crawled in bed and slept soundly. 

The Indian version of a Big Mac. No beef, of course. And I am sure there was curry in it. They include these 'shake bags' for Curry salt for your fries. Yeah...

We hadn't had this kind of food in a while.

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