Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Lord (Day Forty Seven)

     July 27th, 2012 - Chennai, India
     The ministry here in India for this time is over. This morning we went to a government school with over 1,300 students. The principal welcomed us and gave us cold coke to drink. We were not allowed to talk about Jesus, and the woman in charge was supposed to welcome us and then leave, but instead she stayed for our whole program.
     The students danced for us, sang and welcomed us. We then did our chicken skit and doctor skit and then I shared my testimony without mentioning Jesus, and instead saying Lord. I have never shared my testimony about Jesus and not mentioned His name. Grace and I were talking about how we felt like spies, going in and not supposed to talk about Jesus, but just spreading Him around anyway and being an example FOR Him.
     After my testimony, Julia shared how they can be good students, Hadley shared about being a good friend, and Shannon reminded them the important qualities for being the hope of their country. 
     We left and went to our FINAL ministry site of this trip. We invited many people and then got all geared up to do our drama for the last time, in a little dirt area right beside the road. The sky was full of clouds when I went out for 'Pleasure', my pleasure ribbon was blowing so hard in the wind that I couldn't really dance with it. We prayed and prayed against rain  and monsoon storms and it did not rain until we got back to our hotel. My MIG went and spoke wit a huge group of women and shared the Gospel. We asked their names and all of them were so sweet. Several of them wanted to put their trust in Jesus and many of them go to church. We prayed over them, encouraged them to read the Word, go to church and pray for Jesus  We got on the bus as the sun went down and a beautiful sunset ignited the sky. The way the sky looked is how my heart felt- a beautiful ending for two months on this side of the world.
     After ministry, we went to one of the pastors' house, drank tea and ate cookies. We prayed for the family and the group of believers that gathered in the pastors house.
     They said they were so thankful for us, but I am so blessed by them. They are giving all of themselves for this work and doing a great job, by the blessing of the Lord. Not surprisingly  we sang our way home for a while, then I talked to Grace about going home. Christ has changed us so much and we are not the same people who left two months ago. How will we let Christ change who we are at home? Who we are here is the 'real' us, who God wants us to be and we want that to carry on into our lives at home. Both of us were baptized and we love being able to leave all of that old stuff behind. I am completely new and I cannot get over it!
     After supper, our MA's went out and we all painted nails and talked. When Jessica came back, our MAG talked about how amazing every person is on our team and how each person is a blessing but also gifted differently. we went to bed so glad with the people God has put us together to live with, worship with, laugh with and minister with for two months. Thank you, Lord!

I am sharing my testimony with all of these kids, without mentioning Jesus.

She danced for us.

Grace left her scarf on the bus. So we are sharing.

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