Thursday, June 6, 2013

I shared the Gospel! (Day Thirty Seven)

     July 17th, 2012 - Chennai, India
     My hope for today was to share the Gospel. I just want to talk about Jesus, His abundant love and perfect sacrifice  Our first ministry site today was a school. My MIG was supposed to do children's ministry, but we had not prepared before we got there because we did not know that was what we were going to do. I shared my testimony, Brittany told a Bible story, and Jessica shared the Gospel, but it got really rowdy and when we sang songs, the kids were screaming and getting our of hand.
     We left, with my heart feeling disappointed  because of the lack of organization and the seemingly little we did there. We returned to Red Hill Village, where we went yesterday, and got ready for our drama. My MIG incited many people to come, and they were all kind to us, many of them never seeing white people before us. 
     We worked quickly, worried about bad weather, which kept us from doing our drama yesterday. The rain started and I got very wet, but we prayed, begging the LORD to be able to do our drama. The rain stopped and our drama began. Afterwards, my MIG went to talk to a HUGE group o kids who wanted to give their lives to Jesus  I shared the Gospel with them and Pastor O translated and kept repeating the truth of the Gospel.
     When I asked who wanted to accept Christ, almost all of them raised their hands. Over 20 kids accepted Jesus today! After Pastor O led them in a prayer, I went to each child, placed my hands on their heads and prayed blessings over them and asked God to come in and consume this village. Our God is consuming fire- I want Him to ignite this village.
     We were pulled away from the kids to pray healing for a woman with malnourished legs who couldn't walk; a woman who was unable to have children; a man with swollen feet; a man with an illness; a woman's pregnancy. We were pulled at constantly, asked to pray for people. I continued to pray and pray, begging God for mercy and healing that would raise them up to follow Him. We didn't see anyone healed, but we know God is faithful. Yesterday, we saw three healings and the other MIGs saw ten today!
     I do not doubt God's power, but we must wait for His perfect timing in all things. After we left, I felt my heart was full. I did what I came to do and the word of God never returns void.
     I had a nice long talk with Aaliyah on the drive back about how we are struggling-both at home and here. It is so hard for me to love Joy. I know she is great and if I knew her better, I think I would respect her more.
     But after having a very orderly and great system with Marissa and Andy last month, I am feeling more disorganized. I feel foolish and childish, when I just spent a month in Nepal sharing the Gospel and am drawing from that experience  My time in Nepal and what happened there is made to feel unvalued. I hate it. The Lord changed me in Nepal! 
     I shared my feelings with Megan at dinner and she reminded me that this is a great time to extend grace. Just because we are in India now does not mean my month in Nepal didn't happen. It did and God has me on Ctrip for a purpose. My experience in Nepal is valuable and can bring much to this team.
     Ultimately I want to have people around me who understand I want people who were in Nepal to talk with me and process the last month.
     Megan said this part of the trip is hard because we have a whole new group  She said that in Nepal during C-gap, her and Marissa called us the dream team. Now that we are in India, its time for a new team.
     But whenever I am stretched, God does great things with me. I want Him to stretch me as long as at the end of all this I will be closer to Him and have absolutely no regrets!

The Overcomers!

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