Tuesday, June 4, 2013

And 92 Were Added to Our Number (Day Twenty)

     June 30th, 2012 - Pokhara, Nepal
     Today was our last day of ministry in Pokhara, but I would have to say, for me, it was the best. We went to a boarding school with the other team and did all of our program as we did yesterday. There were hundreds of kids! It was so great- afterwards we got to spend time playing with the kids. A group of girls played games with us and we started playing a Nepali version of 'categories'. What horrified me was that one of their categories was 'names of gods'. That is how depraved this thinking is. We finally sat them down and started talking, and I led the conversation to Jesus. The girls wanted a Bible, but we didn't have one to give them. What hit me is that one of the girls, after I told her I didn't have one I could give her, she asked, 'You came to share about Jesus, and we want to learn about Jesus but you won't give us a Bible? Please, give us one!' They all spoke English and I so badly wanted to give them a Bible, but instead we told them to sit down and we would share the Gospel with them. They all sat in a circle and Rachel was ready to share the Gospel, but a group of boys were coming towards us and were a distraction, so I jumped up to pull them away from the important conversation the girls were having. 
     The boys flirted with me the whole time and I kept Christ nearby. I sang them a song and made Chris rap for them, and I kept trying to think of how to share the Gospel. but they were clearly more interested in something other than Jesus. They gave me a Nepali nickname. I don't remember how to say it, but they told me it means 'extremely beautiful flower.' They kept marceling that I don't have a boyfriend because I am SO beautiful.
     Eventually we got Bekah to rap for them and then ushered them inside for me to talk with Megan about the girls.
     Eight of them accepted Christ! I am so glad I got to be a part of it, even if I was just a distraction for the boys. I found a couple of the boys again and gave them tracts, made them promise to read them and they asked me to tell them more. I shared the Gospel with them, but before I could finish, we had to go to lunch. I left, saying, 'You can make the choice to accept Jesus at any time.' Here is the best news of all- ninety-two people got saved today! How many more seeds were planted that will soon blossom? Many. The Gospel was shared. Each day of my life, I want to share the Gospel at EVERY opportunity! 
     After lunch we went to Devi's waterfall, a fall that goes down into a deep hole. You are unable to see how deep it goes. It was awesome to see and it is a beauty of god's wondorous creation. We didn't stay for long, and then we headed to the slums.
     These slums were nothing like the first slums we were at- they were so much nicer. But, it was still a slum. There was some miscommunication as to how far the walk to the site was. It was supposed to be a 2-3 minutes, but it was a 23 minute walk. It was a nice walk, but it left us with little time for ministry. We shared the Gospel anyway, because that is what we are here to do.
     My MIG talked to a friendly group. We complimented them on their hospitality and then they brought us chairs to sit on while we talked. They were very open and let us share everything, but again we had to leave before we were done. But we left them with a choice to make. Today was not successful in the world's eyes, but in the Lord's, we did His perfect will. We found out some Christian's actually come to those slums. One MIG talked to a woman who believed but hadn't accepted Christ as her Savior and chosen to follow Him because of her family. We are praying that she will make that decision soon.
     The day was supposed to start with a hike and watching the sunrise, but it rained all morning and we didn't go. It was sad, and my MAG actually wondered if we accidentally slept too long. but it was just raining. That did not happen. Instead, 92 were added to our number. =)
     We ended the night praying for our Nepali brothers and their work here and then they prayed for us. It was a powerful time of begging God to use these men we have worked with for the past week and change the nation of Nepal. I have no doubt God will use them! They told us that it really encouraged them to have us come alongside them and do work for the Kingdom! I can't get over it- today 92 people were added to our family! Rejoice!

     Highlights of the day:
     *After accepting Jesus, one little girl rubbed her eyes and said, 'I see differently. I see light.' - Young faith is one of the most beautiful things! Also, Crystel sharing her testimony - 'Our God is powerful!' He healed her from so much!
     *Lunch- Something other than PB&J! We ate lunch with the students. Flat Tibetan bread, a honey dessert and curry beans. It was nice to not have PB&J. It was also good to eat with the students. Show them that we are not above them in any way.
     *Sharing the Gospel with so many people who speak and understand what we are sharing. I speak and God moves. This trip is so intense but I am energized every time I share the Gospel!
     *The woman Sierra's MIG talked to in the slum. She said two missionaries come and share the Gospel once a week and she had wanted to accept but her family is Hindu. Family ties are so strong here-it is the hardest decision to make, to go against your family. But it is worth it. Jesus may she one day soon find rest in you!

     I love being a part of the work God is doing. When there are so many opportunities, it can be overwhelming. But God put me in the perfect place. And 92 were added to our number!

Eight of these girls believe in Jesus, now! 

These are two of the girls who got saved. Ah, I love it!

The falls!

There it is!

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