Thursday, June 6, 2013

He IS Healer! (Day Thirty Six)

     July 16th, 2012 - Chennai, India
     Miracles are not a thing of the past. Jesus is healer yesterday, today and forever. For months I have been praying that God would let me witness a healing on this trip and today He blessed me with seeing it. 
     Our schedule has been the same as yesterday except this morning we had team time and talked We are sad about going home because we know not everyone at home will understand what we have gone through and after a while people will get tired of hearing it.
     God has wrecked me here and it will change how I live when I get home. I will be more bold in sharing the Gospel at home. When it gets hard, and I miss all of my family from this trip, I will call them and talk about what God did in us. Julia and Brittany will listen and I know countless others will as well. I hope this trip will open doors for God to use me to ignite a passion in my home town. We loaded up and headed for ministry with high hopes and full hearts, ready to share the Gospel in this gypsy village. We were supposed to do our drama, but there was no place to do it. So instead we walked the main road and talked to people and prayed for them.
     The third woman we spoke to asked us to pray for her stomach pain. We all gathered around and prayed for her. Afterwards, she told us the pain was gone! Then she said it had been hurting for three years! I was amazed. We all grinned at her and cheered before moving on. Three people later, we talked with a woman in a blue dress with extremely swollen feet. She told us they had been hurting very badly in the mornings that she would cry. There was also a little girl who had been sick with a fever for three days. I touched her face and she was extremely hot. We started praying and just lifting up these people to the Lord.
     When we got done, the woman told us her feet didn't hurt at all and when we touched the baby, her face was noticeably much cooler. It amazes me that God has performed a miracle in front of my eyes. I don't know why everything was happening in threes today, but I am just amazed by my king. He is so good to us.
     Rain started to pour and we made our way to our bus and left for the next village. We went to the church and sat together while the pastor shared about the village and how many suicides take place in a nearby lake.
     The rain stopped and we set out to prayer walk. We didn't get far before the rain began again, pouring down and soaking us. We went back to the church, drank tea and spent time in prayer for the village. We are coming back tomorrow to do our drama- may the Lord bless this village! 
     On our drive back, we all praised the Lord and worshiped Him for all He has done here today! When we got back, I called home and it was the hardest call yet. Levi answered and half of my call was just talking to him. Finally I talked to my mom, but it was brief and then I had to go. I miss home so much but every day I ask God to give me strength for another day. I am keeping my eyes on Jesus or I won't be focused on ministry. Jesus has done miracles today! I am so blessed to see this- I have been waiting all month for TODAY! Thank you LORD! Bless your holy name!
     One thing I am most excited about when I go home is sharing the Gospel without a language barrier. I can share in English, and they will understand in English. I want God to use me in huge ways, to make me bold in sharing His perfect truth, full of love.
     I want my coworkers to know who Jesus is and exactly what He has done for them. Lord, here I am, send me to them, use me. 

     *The pastor's son had his 8th birthday and gave all of us candy!

     Oh my word, can you believe the Lord did this? It is hard to fathom! But I had waited for that day for so long! Praise Him!

Session before we left for ministry!

The teams are all mixed up!
The gypsy village.

This was when we were praying for the woman and for the baby.

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