Thursday, June 6, 2013

Testimonies (Day Forty Six)

     July 26th, 2012 - Chennai, India
     After breakfast, Bee talked with all of the girls getting baptized and explained how it would work. Then I went and changed before heading to the pool. We all got in, fifteen of us. Marissa was baptized and then all of our TL's lined up to baptize us. When it was my turn, I went to Andy and he asked why I wanted to get baptized. I explained to my whole India project that I am dead to my old self, alive in Christ and I want this public declaration to say I choose to give my whole life to Christ, because He gave everything for me. When I came out of the water, I felt so free and renewed. God has set me free from so much sin and changed my heart. The old is gone, the new has come.
     Our team played the 'knot game' together but it was so hard and did not go well. 'Jesus' (aka Jake, our miracle man from the drama) gave us 'grace' to help us get untangled. Of course it was an analogy for life, but I just enjoy spending time with my team.
     My MAG spent time together before we got on the bus for ministry. Katie and Jessica can make me laugh so hard. They are great roommates and of course we have times where we get a little bit annoyed with one another, but we don't yell or fight. If I can spend a month in the same room, living with all of these girls and Jesus gives me the strength to extend grace often then He can give me strength to do the same with my family at home.
     We went to a school today and did our program. Afterwards, I talked with seven girls, about Jesus, what they saw in the drama and what they wanted to do. They all wanted to follow Jesus after I explained what He did for them and we prayed together. I really wanted them to understand and I kept telling them that Jesus is the One true God.
     I have been praying for a chance to share my testimony, and when I was talking with them I realized that they are the same age I was when I gave my whole life to Jesus. I love when Jesus opens opportunities for me when I ask for specific ones. He is so good! 
     I left feeling so good and thankful I get to be here and share the Gospel with girls the same age as me when I accepted Jesus and gave Him my life.
     The village we went to was huge and we walked a long way to invite people to come. There was a dirt road that led to small communities in the village. we invited many people to come and they joyfully said yes.
     When our drama was over, I juut began to pray for healing for people around me and blessing children. I din't have a translator but I prayed and prayed. One woman who I prayed for went to another person for prayer and he prayed for her hurting hunched over back. It straightened and her pain vanished.
     While we were praying, a woman fell over onto our things and the village people said she had demons and would have spasms often. I am at a loss to try to explain how it felt watching her lay on the found and seeing so many people praying for her, hearing one person say, 'Satan, leave'. The oppression is great here, but God can and will break the chains.
     We sang and praised God all the way home. IT has become a habit and I don't want to stop. In a week I will be home, but the closeness I have found with Jesus, I never want to walk away from. 
     to show Jessica we appreciate her as our MA and to build her up, we told her how wonderful she is and then washed her laundry for her. I love serving her and I want to find ways to serve when I am home.
     I will never be the same as the girl who left home two months ago on this crazy adventure.

Washed by the water!

We all got baptized! (Including Cryss's watch)

We are so blessed.

I love her expression!

We were all about to get in the water!

Talking to the girls about Jesus and sharing my testimony.

Time together!

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