Thursday, June 6, 2013

Here we go, again! (Day Thirty Five)

      July 15th, 2012 - Chennai, India
     Our first day of ministry was today! (Well, here in India.) I have been anxious to begin ministry because I am ready to go home and when I do ministry, I am content. We had session this morning and prayed for our TL's and PD. If they are as burnt out as I am, and they have so much more to do, then they really need strength from the Lord.
     We got on the bus, ate lunch and rode for two hours to our ministry site. The site was a small village. We went into the church and sang songs and taught the kids, then we played with them. Some of them didn't have clothes, and some only had pants. Regardless, we got to show them love. Then we walked through the village, prayed for many people and we even got to pray for a woman's marriage blessing as her invitations were about to be sent out.
     We continued to invite people to our drama and led the kids to our drama site. We got ready to do our drama, I led the chicken skit before we got ready for the Journeyman.
     Motorcycles kept going past us and even a cart pulled by oxen. Once our drama was finished, Joy spoke and then asked for raised hands of people who wanted to know more about Jesus or wanted prayer.
     So many people raised their hands. We wanted to talk to them and Aaliyah jumped right in, sharing the Gospel with a woman. But the area was getting dangerous and we were all being moved. Aaliyah asked the woman what she thought, and she said she wanted to follow Jesus. Aaliyah quickly prayed, told her that we wished we could stay but we had to leave. Before she walked off, the woman grabbed her hands, squeezed them and kissed them.
     Then we were led inside the pastor's house. I really wanted more time to talk with the woman, but we just had no time. The pastor's wife gave all of us tea, which was too hot to hold in those metal cups, so she took them all, swirled every cup full in a cool bowl and then gave them back to us. She was such a servant and made sure we all had enough.
     Today was the churches two year anniversary and their 20th wedding anniversary. We congratulated and thanked them before heading back to the bus for our long drive home. All of the people here are very kind. they are hospitable and find ways to serve us. I love this culture and their community. when I go home, I want to remember what it means to serve others as the Indian and Nepali people serve others. Once we got back 'home' we ate a late supper and went to bed, after discovering how a bucket shower works.
     My MAG's theme for today was peace. It wasn't something I had to muster up, but God gave me peace throughout the day. He must supply it because I need it so desperately. My time left here is short- I desire to make the most of EVERY opportunity.

     *I prayed for Julia today, that God would heal her, and an hour later she felt better, and hour later her congestion was gone and she could breathe! He is healer!

     I wish we could have talked to all of those people that day. It was disappointing to walk away with so many having questions unanswered. My prayer is that they would turn to that pastor for the truth of God!

Sitting in the church.

 The HUGE crowd!

I am doing the drama, and the crowd is infatuated.

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