Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hello, Lorenzo! (Day Twenty Five)

     July 5th, 2012 - Kathmandu, Nepal
     My soul rests in Jesus. In Him alone I have hope. Even on rest days, God teaches me a lot. I spent time in the word this morning and Jesus just wrapped His loving arms around me to comfort me. Marissa reminded us that our friends who went home would not want us to sit around crying and being sad, they would want us to get up and boldly preach the Gospel, to do what we are here for. That is exactly what we will do.
     We were able to get on the internet for a short while- I got to talk to mommy, daddy, AND my brother! I also was able to see a picture of baby Xander! It felt so refreshing to talk to my family. Missing them has been easy to do, but in the last few days the Lord has given me a huge peace about being away from them.
     My time here is halfway gone. Too soon I will be back home, wishing I was here. My heart is attaching itself to this beautiful country- of mountain views and city smells. I want to share the Gospel anywhere I go.
     For lunch we went out and had a rest from PB&J. Today is Michelle's 21st birthday and we sang to her, and as a gift she got something similar to a cookie cutter, except it is for PB&J! We went shopping and then found our way to our rooms so we could rest. When we were shopping, Sierra found a wooden owl she wanted to buy for her sister. She ended up naming the owl Lorenzo.
     During our rest time, Megan shared her testimony and her love story. She waited on the Lord and He gives the best gifts. Her story encourages me to wait on the Lord- not only to wait but to fully immerse myself in serving Him. 
     For dinner we pushed all of the tables together in a long line and ate together, family style. It reminded me of family dinners back home. We all talked, laughed and ate. My team has gotten so close to my heart that I honestly feel like a family- they ARE my sisters and brothers.
     For our session, we sat in a circle and had a Bible study. We questioned the differences between Mohommed, Buddah and Jesus. We have had so many people tell us that all of these will lead us to God, and to Heaven. We disagree, but what is the difference?
     Jesus claimed to be god, He fulfilled hundreds of prophecies, every prophecy concerning Him. He defeated death and is still alive today. He wasn't surprised by our suffering, born from our sin.
     Jesus is God, and we want to share that truth with every person we meet. We are judged more severely as teachers and givers of truth because we have this truth and the command to share it- what will we do with it?

     Highlights of the day:
     *Our cook made us comfort food for breakfast. He made our favorite- french toast and potatoes. While we are trying hard to say goodbye and let our lovely friends go home, he is trying to make us feel better by cooking our favorite meals. What a sweet heart!
     *The purchase of Lorenzo, the Nepali owl.

 Our big family dinner! The table was in the shape of a cross!

They were playing the card game where you can't talk. All the time.

We found this at the store and were trying to evaluate if we could somehow make it.

Is chocolate sin?

Sierra does love that owl. Lorenzo, we all miss you.

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