Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nepal - What I NEVER Want To Forget

     *The little boy in the slum who couldn't speak and he didn't know what I was saying. I held him in my arms while he shyly tucked his head on my arm. I tickled him while he laughed. His father stood beside us, so proud that I was holding his son, in a slum. The boys pants were ripped and he was extremely dirty- but his smile and laughter stole my heart.

     *The baby Grace, at the rehab center. She was born because of sex slavery, but today her mother sees her as the joy she is because of what God has done in her life.
     *Anita Lama- The most beautiful, joyful woman with a servants heart. As soon as she found out we were Christians she stayed because she wanted to know more- all she knew what that Christians cannot serve other gods. She danced with us, laughed with us and watched our whole program. When Marissa brought a water jug over, she followed. I am ashamed to say that I thought she wanted to take our water. But no- she grabbed our water bottles and started filling them up, serving us.
     *At the school in Pokhara, eight young girls sang a song about all of their gods. But it was on that day that they heard the Gospel and accepted Christ as their Savior. One girl rubbed her eyes after accepting Jesus and said, 'I see light.'

     *At the slum, when we came to do our drama, the precious women began sweeping the ground. They were so hospitable, and they all lived in the slum. Joy is found in some of the places of Hell on earth. Would you be proud and happy with the slum where you live?

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