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It's Really Hot (Day Twenty Nine)

     July 9th, 2012 - Kathmandu, Nepal/ Delhi, India
     Today is the day Johnelle got her visa for India! After our quiet time and breakfast, we prayed for favor for Johnelle at the Indian embassy. They left and we all went to pack. I feel sad to leave Nepal, but mostly glad to come to India! I packed quickly and then laid on the bed until we had to take our stuff downstairs. 
     I have a bad cough from a cold that is going around us missionaries. But the Lord is taking care of me and He has protected me from so much on this trip. His hand has been on my for this whole trip- I know He is always with me, but on this trip I have felt Him so much! 
     At lunch, Megan and Sierra talked about their families and home lives. It is a whole new world for me to be around others from broken families and see how strong in the Lord that they are. It reminds me of how blessed I am, and encourages me that I have so many strong brothers and sisters.
     Then we found out Johnelle got her visa! Praise the Lord! We have been praying she would and God is so faithful! He is a last minute god, but always faithful. She got her visa and we all piled on to the bus to head to the airport.
     I haven't really thought about it, but I feel like I am going back to Kathmandu on this trip- but we aren't. That was our last time at the Hotel Shakti. 
     We unloaded our bus and got in line. I wanted to say goodbye to our translators- our new friends, but there wasn't time. We had to wave goodbye from behind glass. I waved to Anoch and made a 'spider-man' hand motion, like I was shooting a web. He shied his shoulder away, as though it hit him. I will miss him- He is so kind and loves the Lord, and loves the children here. Goodbye my Nepali brothers!
     The Lord granted us favor today- everything went smoothly as we went through security, got our tickets and went through immigration. On my plane ticket it said, 'Frisking of person and checking of hand baggage is mandatory for all quests.' I think I went through plenty of 'frisking' today. They patted me down so many times: coming into the airport, going through security, getting on the shuttle to the plane and getting on the plane. I guess that means we were pretty safe. I hope.
     We got to our gate with plenty of time. After buying snacks, going to the bathroom, and refilling water bottles, we were ready.
     We took a ridiculously short shuttle to our airplane. We could see the airplane from our gate- yet we took a shuttle. Before getting on, a man checked my bags and a woman patted me down. The man was flirting with me! Which reminds me- coming into the airport and having our first security check, the man asked me what bird was on my passport. Then he pointed to my picture and asked my name. He said it was nice that I am from the US. Ummm, okay?
     We settled onto our plane and had a beautiful flight into Delhi. The clouds were magnificent! The flight seemed short, and soon we landed in India- we are back again!
     This time, our airport experience was much more smooth. We got through immigration and customs and then we were on the streets and roads of the Delhi airport. We met our bus driver and hauled all of our stuff over. Marissa's cart tipped and I am sure that was the longest walk of my life- carrying all of my luggage with me. My arm might have fallen off!
     Delhi is much more modern than Nepal was. I am sure where we are going to ministry is more rural and less modern. We took our bus to about a block or two away from our hotel. We all got off and loaded our luggage onto a small truck. When we got off the bus, a man was peeing on the sidewalk. The smell of urine was strong and everyone had to patch out for puddles.
     Once everything was ready, we walked single file through the streets of India to our hotel. there were people everywhere- shops and carts lined the streets and when cars tried to get past us, there was barely any room. On one side of us there were shops, wagons and carts selling things, masses of people and plenty of people looking for a pocket to pick. On the other side was cows, cars and motorcycles closed in by the same shops and carts. The sound was deafening- the honk of horns from drivers, the store owners begging you to come to their store, the 'mooing' of cows and sound of bicycles and rickety carts passing by, loud music and friends shouting to each other. This was way worse than New York City. 
     While we were walking, I head Rachel, from behind me, yell, 'No, no, no!' I turned to see a man showing her a newspaper. She then told me he was trying to pickpocket me. We figured out the only thing he would have gotten was a fan- but that is a very prized possession here in India, where the only thing our Nepali friends would tell us about India is that it was hot. 
     'It's hot. It's hot when you eat. When you touch something, it's hot. When you go to the bathroom, it's hot. When you sleep, it's hot. It's really hot there.'  
     From that point on, after the man tried to steal from me and then pretend he was reading a newspaper which he had picked up off the ground before trying to steal from me, we all watched each others backs until we finally made it to our hotel. 
     When we got to our rooms, we were thrilled with our comfy beds and A/C! Something we have definitely not had for the last month.
     I showered and got ready for supper at 9:00pm. It is crazy how exhausting traveling is. My legs were ready to stop working. We all ate dinner in relative silence, listened to Marissa tell us we are having breakfast tomorrow at 5am and then crawled downstairs for bed.
     Before we left, we gathered around and laid hands on Julia and prayed for her severely sore throat. Our God is healer-by His power, she may be healed.
     In our rooms we all quickly got ready for bed, Megan called room service to get a blanket for me and we settled down for the best night of rest I'll get on this whole trip. Another luxury we had tonight was cold water! Not ice, but very cold! 
     Thank the Lord for the little things! He cares for us all greatly!

     What a crazy day. I was just starting to get sick, and I was overwhelmed with all the changes taking place. My time in New Delhi was a whirlwind!

The view from the plane. Goodbye Nepal, for now!


Traffic next to our bus.

This just doesn't even look like India!

There was a temple on the way to our hotel.

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