Monday, June 3, 2013

Shouldn't we all just love Jesus? (Day Eighteen)

     June 28th, 2012 - Pokhara, Nepal
     Happy Birthday Levi[- AND Xander]! I hope you are learning a lot at camp and having a great day! I love you! 
     Our theme for the day is to 'make it count' because we have to trade today for what we do. I want my actions to be worthy of my savior!
     These days are just flying by! But I love ministry and am enjoying life here even when I am exhausted. Today was hard because everyone we tried to talk to walked away or said they weren't interested. We talked to a man in a wheelchair who was homeless and pushed us away even though we wanted to pray for him. 
     At our next site, we were searching for a place to do our drama. In front of these stores seemed like a good place, but none of the store owners would let us. Until one said, 'If you have someone from Texas, I'll let you.' Well ,we have a lot of people from Texas. His sons are in Texas and that is why he let us do our drama. One person got saved, but our MIG kept getting rejected. WE talked to a man, whose friend who was with him is a Christian. His friend had worked on him a lot, but he still wasn't ready to make a decision to follow Christ.
     Our last stop was a Buddhist monastery  We then walked around the community and started talking with people. We had a great conversation with a few men, but one guy asked us, 'If God is so great and loves us, shouldn't we love Him? Why do you have to come here and advertise?'
     We tried to explain that it is the most important message ever, but he would not listen. Again, we were pushed away but it is Christ who was rejected, not us.
     When we got home we had a lot of free time and dinner. Our MA's went out for dessert and we just hung around our hotel. After dinner, my whole team gathered and sang 'Happy Birthday' to Levi. Sweetest thing ever! Then I found out that Xander was born today too! So cute! I can't wait to meet him. I feel like I am missing out on things at home, but I know God has me exactly where I should be, even if I feel that way.
     I had good girl time with Naomi, Beka and Lauren before bed. We still have desires other than spreading the Gospel. Most of us want husbands and families. It is good to talk about these things but always pointing to Jesus who satisfies us and gives us all we need. It started raining before bed and I am finding that when it rains, I usually get more homesick. Rain reminds me of home- I don't know why but it does! Jesus- satisfy me!

     Highlights of the day:
     *Our song for moving us along... 'Put some grove in your move, put some pep in your step, we're working for the Kingdom and we're not done yet. Put some roll in your stroll, put some slide in your stride, We're spreading out the Gospel, that we just can't hide.'
     *Being invited to 'worship' with the Buddhist monks. No thank you, we will not worship false gods. In Buddhist temples, many women are raped. In fact, one woman was sold into sex slavery after going to a Buddhist temple seeking peace. Only God gives peace.
     *Singing happy Birthday to Levi with my whole team! Because I have a deep love for him, my team loves him as well. Thank you, Jesus, for Levi.

     It was a great day and really busy, but I loved talking to the men at the monastery, even if it was a hard conversation. Every day the Lord did great things! The question the man posed was good one. So now I am asking you. If our God is so great, shouldn't we all just love Jesus?
Levi and the new baby! Birthday buddies! (For me, Xander was born the next day.)

Water buffalo! 

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