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Rest and Safety (Day Fourteen)

     June 24th, 2012 -Kathmandu, Nepal
     Today was a free day! We got to tour, shop, and relax. It was so good to have a break. I was really struggling because we haven't rested at all, and it is Biblical to have a day of resting.
     We went to a few temples and one of them was a temple for monkeys. It was interesting, but every time I witness the depth of this idol worship, it breaks my heart. Some people from India came all the way to Nepal to worship false gods. They don't even know truth.
     It poured most of the time we were touring. We were all soaked when we were done, from the rain. It is monsoon season here, but it has only sprinkled in the last week. I have never known what it truly means to be soaked from head to toe until today.
     The monkey temple was up 365 steps, which were slippery in the rain, but it was still fun to go up, even if the steps were so crazy uneven. Andy said, "Whenever you have to do bleacher steps for PE, you'll think it's nothing. You'll tell your friends, 'I climbed 365 uneven steps to a monkey temple.'"
     We looked around to a while and then met back at our designated spot at the designated time. The only problem was that there were only two out of four groups at the meeting spot. We waited and time dragged on. We sent a group to look for the others, but they did not find them. Andy had said to meet and we were so certain he wouldn't go down the steps without us. The second time that we sent a group to look for them, some sketchy guy said our group was somewhere, upstairs in a cafe. The MA said, 'No. We are not going up there.'
     At this point, half an hour had passed and all of us were getting worried. Our tour guide insisted they had gone down without us, and told us to go to our bus. Taylor made the final decision and we all followed her down. We got to the bus and told Marissa what had happened. She then got in touch with Andy and we picked him and his groups up. I am certain many people are praying for us today because all the things that could have gone wrong after that point, didn't. 
     We came back to the Hotel and then we got to go out for lunch! No PB&J today! Pizza, french fries and a milkshake! It was a Nepali version, but still tasty! After lunch, my MIG went to a bakery and I got a doughnut! It was so yummy and I am so thankful for it!
     Then we shopped- We bartered all day! I got a lot of things for my family, and some for friends. It makes me excited to go home and share with them all that is happening!
     After we were done, we went to a little 'super market' and bought an electrolyte drink for Andy, as a joke. We wrote him a note that said, 'Senior Poppy, "Because you first loved us..." we bought you this gift. Hebrews 12:6.' Then we all signed it. He laughed when we gave it to him, but I don't think he drank it...
     Then we had free time, where we packed, talked about home and decided what to give certain people. It is so refreshing to just rest and think about home. 
     God is holding me and I get to make the choice about whether or not to be homesick. I choose to enjoy today.

     Highlights of the day:
     *Resting time. Being cute instead of going with 'missionary style'! Cute clothes are a blessing. Scarves and jewelry and comfy, cute outfits. No tie dyed shirts today!
     *Being left behind! It was actually quite scary and worrisome, but God is taking care of us. As long as wise decisions continue to be made, we are all good. God is great for keeping us safe!
     *"American Food!" I have missed American food so much. I was glad to be able to enjoy it again while I am in Nepal. I have such an appreciation for home food now. I wonder what mom will make me when I get home!
     *Shopping, bartering and convincing one man to give me a good price because I was cute. It worked but of course they say to everyone, 'For you, I give you good price.'

     As I type this up, I am just remembering how surreal it is to be surrounded by temples and idols and to just realize how the chains are not yet gone from this place. Jesus died once, for all, but these people are still blinded and in darkness. Sometimes I get so upset just thinking about it because how can they worship anything or anyone other that our Lord!? He is the only one who can satisfy them, ever!
     I needed this rest day, and I also needed the Lord just as much on this tour day as on a ministry day. We could have been in serious trouble, but the Lord protected us. I know many must have been praying. How many moms were praying for safety on that day? I'm guessing most of them.
     My heart is broken because of these chains. Jesus has broken them and yet they do not know.

My MIG dressed in nice clothes! :)

Part of the monkey temple.

The streets of Nepal.

We were so soaked and the rain ponchos didn't really help.

The Monkey Temple

The monkey temple.

The women from India worshiping at the Nepali temples.

The Monkey temple.

Beginning the climb up the stairs.

Prayer wheels.

The Monkey Temple

So steep and so many slick steps!

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