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Those Precious Boys (Day Sixteen)

     June 26th, 2012 - Pokhara, Nepal
     Today is a travel day! We got up at five and packed up, trudged down the stairs and got all of our stuff packed. WE ate and then got on our bus for Pokhara. We've been on the bus all day. We stopped for bathrooms and snacks but then piled back on the bus. It has been a really good day for me because I have gotten to rest, listen to Andrew Peterson music and let the Lord renew me. I have a lot of time left on this trip, but God is so faithful, and I trust He will carry me through July and renew me every morning.
     For lunch we had an option to eat at a buffet, but I chose PB&J instead. We ate our sandwiches outside the restaurant and there were these four boys there who suffered from MS. We gave them a bunch of food and prayed for them. They were 16, 14, 12 and I am unsure of the other boy's age, but they looked so much younger because of their size. It felt so good to give them something when they have so little.  
     I love these mountains and the vast beauty of God's creation. He made this beautiful country and He did such a marvelous job. Thank you, Jesus!
     To pass the time on our road trip, Marissa hosted a 'game-show'. We all wrote questions and everyone had to answer five. A question that go asked a lot was 'Where do you see yourself in five years?' My favorite answer to that was, 'A mirror.'
     We made it to Pokhara pretty quickly. Our room is so nice, and a hot shower made me feel so much better. I sat down and listened to Naomi read some of her poetry. I started to feel homesick, just missing home, and I have found that talking about it helps me. So I talked about Kayla, how she is getting married and I don't have much time left with her as a single lady. But this is worth it- I am sharing the Gospel and doing the work of the Lord!
     Last night during worship I promised the Lord that if He wants me back here, I'll come. I'll go, I'll leave my family and I will go because the Gospel is most important. Jesus- I will go!
     Not only do I want to be willing, but I want to have great joy in it. Jesus is faithful. Where He wants me is where I want to be. Absolutely. 
     Tonight our session was about family. All of our leaders and a couple missionaries shared their testimonies and family lives. Then we went to talk with whoever we identified with the most. I definetely went to Meg, who grew up in a Christian home. She talked to us about forgiveness, about how we don't need to pretend things are alright. We prayed for a family memeber to come to our minds. Someone came to mind, and I remembered the ways they had hurt me which they probably didn't even realize. Christ has already forgiven them and washed them clean. I cannot burry the pain, I must recognize it and forgive it. I have held it against them for far too long- it is time to forgive as Christ has forgiven me. 
     Sierra came to me after we prayed and said she felt like she needed to share with me the struggles she had. I felt similarly to how she felt. 
     Sierra encouraged me. Christ has already forgiven them- now it is my turn.

     Highlights of the day:
     *Sonny (the Nepali photographer) telling us about the boys and their MS condition. He worked on a documentary that they saw, I believe, and he met them on another trip to Pokhara. His love for these boys is so genuine. He took a picture and they asked him to find their brother in Pokhara and show it to him.
     *Naomi singing to me in order to cheer me up. I make the choice to be joyful but it helps to have good friends to lift me up. :)
     *Sierra coming to me and pouring out her story. The forgiveness that she had to give. 

     On this day the Lord did less through me, and more in me. He changed my heart and continued to guide me. I need to learn to extend forgiveness easily and freely, just as He has done the same to me. I want to love like He lives. He is teaching me and I am learning, but I have a long way to go.
     Oh, and those boys were so precious!

I loved the trucks that would pass us, even if driving can be scary!

I love this. Streets of Nepal right here!

The boys! 

This was before we got lunch for them.

God made many beautiful things!

Excitement over not eating rice.

We made it to Pokhara! Sarah and I had to celebrate with pictures!

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