Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No Retreats! (Day Twenty Seven)

     July 7th, 2012 - Kathmandu, Nepal
     Happy anniversary, Mommy and Daddy!
     Jesus sometimes has plans that we don't see at first. Today our plan was to do friendship evangelism and children's ministry. We did neither. Today is Saturday- the Sabbath here in Nepal. We went to Dowa's church. The church was small- just in a tiny room with blue-green paint on the walls and a line running down the middle of the room, one side for the women and one side for the men. Dowa's children laughed and giggled while Rachel played with them and spoke to them. I spoke with two girls who are both saved, but their families are Hindu. They asked me what has changed me here in Nepal- how do I answer such a question? How has Nepal changed me? I will NOT go home the same. The idol worship is real. The 'gods' are everywhere. These people do not know Jesus. When I get home, I must live like these things are true.
     Church consisted of worship, testimonies from Tommy and Crystel and a sermon from Jake. We also shared communion with them. The people here have a genuine love for Jesus- worshiping beside them, I am able to just see their love for Jesus. After we left, we ate lunch and Dowa's church gave us soda as a gift. He is so precious.
     Our next stop was a children's home and also a home for women who need taken care of. We went to a small room full of women. One woman laid in bed, her left hand and leg were not working. Her dark hair was cut off and she told us she was a Christian. We asked if we could pray for healing and she said yes. After we prayed, she was crying. She wiped her eyes wit ha rag, but could not stop crying. We asked why she was crying and her reply was, 'I believe God can heal me.'
     Another woman came over to us, wanting prayed because she is sick in her lungs. Before praying for her, I shared the Gospel with her. She smiled, but said she couldn't follow Jesus because of her Hindu family. I have heard that so many times. It makes me so upset because I feel like they are so close but yet so far. I prayed for her and then we left. I sincerely hope she comes to a saving knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ. 
     Back at 'home' we got together and discussed how we can best prepare for the B-trippers to get to Asia, with us. We want to not be rude or act like we know everything since we have been here for a month. God is going to wreck us just like He is gong to wreck the B-trippers.  am so excited for them to get here and I want to be kind and love them as Christ loves them.
     For dinner, our cook, Bebe, got us momos! We had family dinner and then headed to our rooms. I sent off some laundry because I spilled soup on my pants! Oh well.
     Afterwards, all of us curled up on our bed, with Mira in our room and talked about our lives. God has brought each and every one of us all the way from who we were to the beautiful, broken, following Jesus women (and men) we are now. Praise the Lord for everything He has done to bring us to where we are.
     My heart hurts for the things others have to go through, to get to where they are now. But Crystel loves the Lord so much and is disliked at home. I understand only a fraction of what she goes through.
     I have felt judged by those who say they love Jesus but hold fast their legalistic ideals that I am 'obviously' not a real Christian. IF that is what people do with Crystel, then I understand some of the pain she goes through. But inside, Crystel is a beautiful woman. (Well, she is gorgeous on the outside too.)
     As a christian and follower of Jesus, it is so important not to judge others by outward appearance. This includes everyone I meet here in Nepal, who I will meet in India, the B-trippers and everyone back home I must ask God to give me His eyes to see. My eyes are human, corrupt and clouded by sin. Only Jesus can clear my vision.
     Soon I will be in India, just a couple days. I want to make every second count. Even when I am sick, when I am tired. I ant to give my all. There have been times here in Nepal when I know I have not given everything. I want to pour out every single part of myself, give it all to Jesus and let Him use me in the way He sees best fit, so that when I go home I can say for certain-
     No Reserves. No retreats. No Regrets.

     Highlights of the day:
     *Dowa introduced us to his family. It was so good to meet his family, to see his sweet wife, his 'ex-girlfriend', he said. Watching him take care of his children, pick them up, hold them, it reminds me that families are in every culture. I loved watching this man of God love his children.
     *Watching a woman cry after praying for healing for her. Her faith has been hard since she has been sick, but today we were able to come, encourage her and speak life in a place of death.
     *Sitting down for dinner with the 'family', eating momos, drinking soda and talking with my 'family'. We are going to celebrate Christmas on July 25th- so our countdown is on and we are planning what we are going to do!
     *One of the things we do a lot of is eat. For lunch we only have PB&J, so by the time we get back from ministry, we are hungry. Even if dinner is soon, we have snacks. Today we ate hot Chile' pepper  Nepali version of Cheetos. We were all laughing, our mouths burning, and turned to Oreos instead.

     My lovely friend Brittany had one of the best ministry moments that day. She was able to share her testimony with one of the women, and see her choose to be a follower of Christ! She was so excited to share all the Lord did with the team when we were back on the bus.

The woman who accepted Christ!

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