Sunday, June 2, 2013


January 4th, 2013

     It's a new year! Not a day goes past that I don't think about Nepal, or India, or both. They are always right there in my mind and heart, waiting for me to just think of them. God did so much and changed so many lives and I cannot put into words what the feeling inside of me is because of it. But I know I am thankful, oh so thankful.
     Now, this year I get to go Africa. It isn't Asia, and that always kind of stumps me. Like maybe Jesus doesn't know what He's doing. "Lord, did you forget I left my heart in Nepal?" The slum ministry in South Africa and the student ministry in Uganda sounds amazing! I am excited to be able to be a part of it and to join with so many awesome brothers and sisters to do the Lords work on the other side of the world, once again.
     But I don't understand why I am not returning to Nepal and India, why I don't just find a trip to take me back to Asia. What I do know is that this is Jesus' leading and not my own. He must have something amazing in store if He chooses to break my heart for Nepal and then direct me to Africa this year. I am so excited to see what it is, what He does in me and how many lives He changes this summer! No, I still don't understand, but I am excited and I am always blessed by Him to be used.
     I'm halfway in this crazy fundraising adventure, and am still in need of $3,000! I know Jesus is faithful, and He doesn't ask us to do something and then not provide for us. I am trusting that the way He takes care of me is going to be crazy.

June 2nd, 2013

     I am leaving in 12 days for training and then I will be off to South Africa, followed by Uganda. This has been a crazy adventure and journey. I wanted to post this, even though the other post was from January, because that has been my heart through this.
     I had a very dear friend remind me of the ways I had obeyed Jesus and encourage me to continue to obey Him. I struggle and disobey in so many ways, and yet she reminded me of when I have obeyed, even when I lack understanding. I still lack understanding. Why Africa? My heart is yearning for Nepal, for India. But the Lord has been working on my heart and while my heart still yearns for those people, He is putting new desires inside of me and giving me a desire for these people I'll minister to this summer. Praise Him for that! He is good. He is the only One who is good. I am so eager to see all that He has.
     Please pray for my homesickness. It is a blessing to love my family so much that I miss them so bad when I leave, but please pray that I will not waste a second and that the Lord would cover me in His peace. I am so thankful for Him. And I am so thankful for all of you.

Though all the peoples walk Each in the name of his god, As for us, we will walk In the name of the LORD our God forever and ever. Micah 4:5

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